Why Miners Should Send Their Wives to Law School May 20, 2016 May 16, 2016 Titan Mining

As a minor, you have an important job because you are helping to shape the economic worlds.  The resources that you are mining are fueling your country and play a huge role in the development of your country.  You probably don’t earn too bad of a salary because most mines will offer a much higher income rate because the work is a lot more dangerous than your average desk job.  With your salary you could perhaps afford to let your wife be a stay at home mom while she peruses her career.

Why you should send your wife to law school

A lot of women feel completely unappreciated when they have low qualifications and being a house wife can easily cause depression if your wife doesn’t get out much.  Law studies are the perfect way to keep her busy and to help her feel better about herself.  The biggest plus point about law studies is that she can step into a rewarding job while the kids are at school or when they leave the nest and earn a great income to support your children’s future studies.  It is always better to have two qualified people in a family than one because you and your family will be taken care of should something happen to the bread winner of the family.

Why Miners Should Send Their Wives to Law School

How high can lawyers go?

As a lawyer your career can take you much higher than just the average court cases.  Martin Chitwood, for example, is one of the best lawyers out there and he started out with a master’s degree that he obtained at the University of George in 1976.  Today Martin Chitwood authored several articles that are used at ICLE seminars; he was recognized as Georgia’s super lawyer by Law and Politics and even served as lead council in more than 40 class actions across the nation. The possibilities for growth when you are a lawyer are definitely endless should the desire be there.

What it takes to become a lawyer

The steps to becoming a lawyer is a bit tough and your wife will definitely need the right attitude, will power and skill to make it. Here are the main steps to becoming a lawyer;

  • She will need to complete a bachelor’s degree before she will be accepted into law school
  • A LSAT (Law School Admission Test) will be conducted to ensure that her qualifications and skills are legit.
  • Once she passed the LSAT she will be accepted into law school where it will take three years to earn her J.D. degree.
  • With the degree she can start working at law firms to earn a salary and to gain some experience
  • The final step is to pass the state bar examination after which she will be able to practice law in the United States.

It would be fantastic if your wife could become a lawyer because she can keep you out of trouble and ensure that the family is taken care of should something happen to you at work.  It is also a great extra income to secure your and your children’s financial future.