What causes mining injuries? December 30, 2016 December 23, 2016 Titan Mining

It isn’t a secret that mining is a dangerous industry to work in and that you need to be on top of your game make it a lucrative and safe career. There are many benefits in working at a mine that include career growth and the opportunity to earn a great salary. You will also enjoy great employee benefits like housing and good insurance plans. There are however many accidents that have been recorded over the years where many miners have been seriously injured and some even died. It is important to keep to health and safety rules when working in a mine and unfortunately many accidents are caused by negligence. It is noted that employees are more likely to get hurt at work in the mining industry than any other industry in the world. The severity of injuries can often be rather immense so it is important to know what the main causes of mining injuries are in order to be prepared. Click here to take a look at some of the most general health and safety rules in the mines.

Miner after a hard day at work

There are often accidents that cause poisonous or explosive gases to be released and this can be due to poor equipment maintenance. Many accidents have been reported caused by Methane explosions. This is a serious threat to miners that are employed in coal mines. This is exactly why it is very important to make sure that you are properly trained up for any position in the mine because you don’t want to cause an accident that might take lives. Explosives in any situation are dangerous to work with and sometimes unpredictable which is why mines invest in the best people to handle explosives. There have been many cave-in incidents and flooding that have also been reported.

When reporting for work at the mine you need to be well-rested and your health needs to be in order. If you suffer from back pain it is perhaps in your best interest to consult Dr. Dreher for treatment. This is a chiropractor that offers you a great rate for your first consultation and a professional that will be able to give you relief and peace of mind that you will be able to do your job properly. The same goes for any medical condition that you suffer from that might influence your performance at work. You need to be sharp as a tack to make sure that there are no malfunctions and that no one loses a limb.

The most important thing to remember when working in a mine is that you need to abide by the rules that have been set and that you have to stay in safe areas as well as wear the safety gear that has been provided to you by your employer. Thousands of people die annually because of illegal mining and this is caused by the lacking of safety rules and measurements. Working in the mine is by no means a bad career. It is merely a job where you need to be responsible and reliable every day. Read more about stress handling at work to keep calm and collected every day which also helps.