The Best Way to Promote Your Sideline Business June 12, 2016 June 9, 2016 Titan Mining

A lot of people in the mining industry are constantly working shifts to earn extra cash or so they can have more flexible working hours to start a small business on the sideline to help cover some of their living expenses.  A sideline business is fantastic for the families of those who work in mines because this form of work is often incredibly risky and your family will have a means of income should something happen to you in the mine.  A sideline business is also great for families because it allows fathers to send their kids to college or university and it gives them an extra income for when they retire but your sideline business will only be effective if you promote and market it correctly.

The Best Way to Promote Your Sideline Business

Top advert types for promotion

Voice adverts – Voice adverts are great for promoting a service or product because you can share it on your social pages, on your website, on radio stations or via email.  The voices files are much easier to listen to than it is to read and the voice over experts are great at creating interesting voice overs that is sure to capture the attention of the public instantly.  The voice over prices and costs are also a lot more affordable than most advert methods.

Animated videos – These videos are becoming more and more popular amongst businesses because they are fun, interesting and can be shared easily.  For an animated advert, you will need an expert animator and a voice over expert which can be a bit expensive in the end.

Graphic design – People don’t like to read but an advert poster can give them all the info and contact details they need in the simple glance

Top places to promote your business

Social mediaPromoting on social media sites are great for small businesses because the owners can promote their services and products practically for free and you can get all of your friends and clients to share your products by simply clicking a button.  It is super easy.

Websites – Websites is a must for any business because it can give your clients all the needed info without you ever communicating it to them.  They can simply log on and scan through all of your products or services and even buy online if you have an ecommerce site.

Mass email – Yes, this is still a great way to promote your business as long as you keep your emails limited to great specials so you don’t start annoying your clients.

Radio adverts – Radio adverts can reach hundreds of ears in an instant and is a great way to create a sense of quality for your products since everyone knows how expensive radio adverts often are.

Billboards – A nice and big billboard next to a busy road can give all your clients all of the info they need in an instant.

If your sideline business’s promotional plan is intact then you are sure to grow your business much faster and stronger. Who knows, perhaps your small business could one day develop into a leading organization that your entire area relies on.