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Why Contract Miners Should Know a Good Cleaning Service

Most contract miners will move from apartment to apartment and from town to town or even from country to country regularly during their work lives.  Moving around a lot can mean that you are often far away from family but it also gives you the unique opportunity to see different towns and countries and to explore different cultures while you are taking a break from mining.  What you as a contract miner should always remember is that a lot of people rented the apartment you are moving into before you.  The chances are good that a lot of different bacteria, germs and even diseases are still lingering in the apartment.  All contract miners should get acquainted with a good cleaning service so they can get every apartment cleaned professionally before moving in.

Why you should clean apartments professionally before moving in

DIY cleaning techniques may seem like a good idea since you are saving a bit of money but in reality you are just wasting your time and efforts because you don’t have the proper gear or chemicals to clean most of your apartment properly.  A cleaning service can get all of those impossible to reach areas and tough to clean carpets completely germ free so you can be sure of good health while you are working the mines.

Why Contract Miners Should Know a Good Cleaning Service

What a good cleaning service can do for you

A good cleaning company can offer you all of the cleaning services you need for an ultimately clean apartment.  Some of the most commonly found services that cleaning companies offer includes;

Carpet and rug cleaning – When you get professional carpet cleaning in Caloundra they will deep wash your carpets and remove all dirt, dust, dust mites, germs, bacteria and microorganisms that could be harmful to your health. Proper carpet cleaning is a must because clean carpets can combat a lot of diseases as well as common conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Upholstery cleaning – If you are renting a furnished apartment then the chances are good that a lot of people have sat on the same upholstery.  The upholstery probably contains a lot of sweat, germs and spills.  You should try to find a cleaning company that can clean your upholstery while they are cleaning out all of your carpets and rugs so you can be sure that you won’t be catching anything serious from the couch.

Pet urine odor cleaning – Pets tend to do their business where other pets did it.  If you have a pet then it might be wise to ask for pet odor cleaning so your pet doesn’t make a mess when he smells previous animals in the apartment.

Tile and grout cleaning – Dirty grout can make your apartment look dirty and a lot of diseases and germs can hide away in these tiny cracks. Most cleaning companies will pressure wash your tiles with chemicals that will strip away all the dirt and germs that lures in these tough to clean areas.

Water damage restoration – Some cleaning companies will also restore water damage on floors and give your apartment a fresh and new damage free look.

Industrial Décor in the Mining Industry

The mining industry has gotten a bad rap. Many people think it’s a dirty profession. And, in some respects it is. After all, digging deep into the earth and crawling around in caves and tunnels does make for some pretty dingy attire. But, your office doesn’t have to reflect that dusty darkness you find in your mining moments. Why not play on the industry by utilizing industrial décor in your office?

But How?

You are probably used to raw and rough surfaces while seeking out precious metals. That edginess is at the core of industrial design. People are looking for unfinished surfaces and fabrics that match that idealism.

One first step for you might be to find someone who works on fabric. If you’ve messed up your favorite office chair you can get Upholstery Cleaning – Click Here. Or you can seek out a new pattern all together and reupholster your seating areas.

Industrial Décor in the Mining Industry

Keep an eye out for steel furniture. Add some ceiling beams and pillars. You won’t have to spend a lot of money. You probably have access to some very “industrial” things on your job sites.  Anything old and rusty can be transformed with a little ingenuity and ambition.

You could turn that old pusher leg into a coat rack. Or, you could make some really cool light fixtures out of those antiquated scabblers. If you’re really industrious, you could make sinks out of hard hats and shelves from discarded pipes.

Another great idea is to collect brick to create a faux wall covering. You can mix brick with various steel findings and perhaps even a little wood to warm the room up. Really, the ideas are endless but if you need a little inspiration, click this.

No doubt your employees and customers will find great pleasure in entering your newly designed office space. If nothing else, it will make you smile.

Why do it?

You are probably wondering what value is found in redecorating your office. That’s simple. There is a great deal of research revealing that design can play a significant part in one’s emotional well-being. In fact, there is an area of psychology devoted wholly to that study, it’s called design psychology. People respond, emotionally, to various design layouts. Read more about design psychology.

The truth is, most industrial décor is not very bright. Your employees might want you to add some color with plants and various other foliage. This is because the lack of color can lead to bleak emotions and depressive moods.  Vintage posters are great ways to add color to the industrial theme, maybe a Rosie the Riveter poster would complement the décor (learn about her here).

So, while you are striving to add a bit of joy to your office, playing on the concept of being in the mining industry, you will also need to ensure that it’s a welcoming space. Learning a little about colors and human psyche might be well worth your while.

Industrial Décor and Psychology

You might be in the mining industry looking for precious metals, but you have the ability to influence the lives of your employees simply by redesigning your office and meeting spaces. Take a survey, welcome ideas, and pick color schemes that will boost emotional morale. You can make the industrial décor compliment design psychology. You can learn tons more about industrial décor by clicking here.