Sugar ant is a common name that many humans use to describe any small ant this is interested in sweets. However, the sugar ant is simply the species Camponotus consobrinus.


Sugar ants vary from 2 to 15 mm in length. Winged male sugar ants with royal blood are completely black, whilst woman workers have orange-colored our bodies.

Habitat & Diet

Additionally referred to as the banded sugar ant, sugar ants choose to live and forage for food in suburban regions. Within the wild, sugar ants generally reside in woodlands, forests and heaths. Sugar ant colonies may be discovered in soil, among rocks, in holes in wooden and across the twigs of timber or shrubs. Whilst sugar ants build their nests in soil, they can be identified with the aid of massive dust hills surrounding the colonies’ entrances. They may be determined foraging underneath house lights and in streets throughout warm summer season months and prefer heat and humid climates.

What Miners Need to Know About Sugar Ants

Habitat affects the size of sugar ants because specific locations provide exclusive assets of food. ranging from 2 to fifteen mm in length, sugar ants feed on nectar, secretions of diverse flowers, sugary meals, insects, small animals and plant-ingesting invertebrates such as the caterpillar. Sugar ants decide upon honeydew from aphids and shield aphids from other predators to make certain the protection in their food source.


The eggs that queen sugar ants produce in overdue spring or early autumn can hatch into new queens or men. Winged male sugar ants with royal blood are completely black, whilst female employees have orange-colored bodies. All through autumn season, hundreds of alates mate within the air, while sugar ant workers keep defend at the ground.

Do Sugar Ants Bite?

The sugar ant is a as a substitute mild-mannered ant that does not sting. When disturbed, the sugar ant may additionally shield itself by means of the usage of its mouthparts to bite; however, bites aren’t painful and do no longer produce any signs and symptoms unless the character is especially allergic to the chew. If symptoms do occur, observe antibiotic lotions to the chunk website. It is imperative that if you come across sugar ants then you should have them exterminated immediately. View more here to get rid of them.

More Information

The majority frequently makes use of the name “sugar ant” to describe many distinctive species of ant. Any small to medium-sized ant which doesn’t sting is noted through this name. not unusual examples of ants referred to as “sugar ants” are pharaoh ants, odorous residence ants, acrobat ants, etc. another example of the use of a standard call implemented to a couple of species could be the use of “water computer virus” to explain cockroaches. Proper identification of the species is crucial to correctly managing any infestation.