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How Miners Can Do Interior Decorating On the Sideline

Let’s face it, no one dreams of working in the mining industry when they are young.  There is no child who yearns to work on the heavy machinery or to descend into the depths of the earth to generate precious metals.  In fact most young people fear the entire idea of working in such a dangerous area.  But working the mines is one of the best paying and most secure jobs out there which are why so many people build their careers around the mining industry.  But just because you are working the mines does not mean you cannot also pursue your passion.  In today’s modern lifestyle there are plenty of people who follow multiple career paths, passions and hobbies and they love every bit of their busy lives.  If interior decorating is your passion then you can also make this dream a reality by simply putting in a few extra hours and a bit of extra effort.

Draw inspiration from the greats

If you are worried about making a success of your interior decorating sideline business due to competition or a problem with demand then you should worry no further.  The need for interior decorators is now higher than ever before and the sky is the limit when it comes to making a success out of this career path.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for example, is one of the most famous interior decorators.  His work is taking him all over the world and he and his firm have over the years transformed numerous homes, businesses, mansions and even castles into timeless works of art.

How Miners Can Do Interior Decorating On the Sideline

Get a degree in interior decorating

Studying for an additional career path or degree is always a terrific idea because you are sure that you will never be out of a job no matter how tough the economy or circumstances gets.  When you have a professional degree in interior decorating you are sure to find some terrific clients who will definitely love to use your services.

Design on the sideline

It can be tough to juggle a career, studies and make time for projects on the sideline but you will need to try to fit in some freelancing projects so you can gain experience and work on a profile which you can showcase to other clients.

Create a market strategy

When you are done with studies it is time to start marketing your sideline job.  You can advertise on social media sites, create a website, place ads in newspapers and more to get your name recognized.  You should also constantly treat customers, colleagues and any other person well because someone somewhere is going to refer you to a large company which might just open a lot of doors for you in the interior decorating industry.

It can be hard to take the plunge to pursue a passion when there are so many insecurities out there but it is definitely worth the risk if you could one day perhaps turn your passion for interior decorating into a career or perhaps even a glorious interior design business.

Start a Mini Nursery Gifting Plants on the Sideline and Earn Some Extra Cash

Modern life is tough.  It is so easy to fall into debt these days and so hard to climb out of it and living cost just isn’t getting any cheaper.  Economic pressures are forcing just about everyone to either get a second job or to try to start a sideline business which can earn some great extra cash.  A mini nursery is a terrific part time business that you can start if you want to earn some extra cash to help you save for something big or claw your way out of debt much faster.

Make your own compost, save big and make money

If you are going to be selling small nursery and gifting plants then you will need plenty of good quality compost.  Good quality compost will help your plants flourish much better.  You can make your very own compost completely free and save money on your nursery by getting a good quality compost tumbler or bin.  The compost tumblers and bins will allow you to make large quantities of compost in as little as two weeks’ time.  You can also earn some great extra cash by selling your compost since compost is the one thing that is always highly in demand when it comes to all garden lovers and nurseries. Read reviews of compost bins and tumblers here to find the best compost maker for your company you can.

Start a Mini Nursery Gifting Plants on the Sideline and Earn Some Extra Cash

Focus on gifting plants for a fun edge

There are plenty of nurseries out there but what you really want to focus on is small beautiful plants for gifting since these can be sold all year round and you can charge a bit more for gifting plants by simply placing your plants in decorative packaging.  The top plants for gifting include;

Strawberries – Who doesn’t love strawberry plants?  They are beautiful, sturdy and you can pick fruits off them.

Bulb plantsBulb plants are the best when it comes to gifting because these plants have beautiful flowers, they can go for long periods of time without water, they are resistant to heat and cold and you can plant them easily.  You can also grow your own bulb plants in your garden since they multiply all on their own.

Floral plants – Flowers are always terrific for gifting and are an absolute must for your small nursery.

There are plenty of other plant types that are small, easy to plant and incredibly durable that you can add to your list.

It is all in the presentation

When you are selling small you should put your focus on presentation.  If your plants look healthy and have good packaging such as colorful pots and beautiful finishing’s you can sell that much easier since the buyers don’t have to put in extra effort to wrap the gifting plants.

Market effectively

Good marketing is always great for boosting your sales, even when you are selling by road side.  Social media sites are making marketing super easy and you can market all of your products to friends, family and all of the locals completely free.  Consistent marketing is sure to get you plenty of orders on a regular basis.