We all love jewelry. It is one way of showing a statement or enhancing our looks, and that is probably the reason why people will always be thankful to miners for the work that they do in getting these precious metals and rocks from the earth. We would like to focus on photography in regards to jewelry to try and figure out ways of photographing jewelry so that to bring out the best in it. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Remember, there might be many more tips and techniques out there, but these are just a few.

jewelry photography

Small Rooms

If you’re looking for the best results when it comes to photographing jewelry, you might want to consider going for smaller rooms or spaces. This is because illuminating subjects when they are confined to smaller spaces brings out better images. People can do this by purchasing light tents to get this done. There are many different types of light tents, and it is up to the individual to find out the one that works best for him.


When photographing jewelry, and especially at close range, make sure that the jewelry is free of dust, dirt, debris, smudges and fingerprints. You can wipe the jewelry clear using a soft microfiber cloth in order for you to get the best shots, and before you produce the photos, you might want to check that the images don’t need some dusting off in Photoshop.

The Right Positioning

It is all about placing the lights in the right positions, in order for you to take those mouthwatering shots. You can add in more lights, probably on the top and more on the sides of the subject, so that you can get a feel of how it affects the dimensions of the photos.

Camera Positioning

When it comes to the position of the camera, we have to make sure that the angles are right. Different angles and positions bring about a whole lot of difference. Light tents with large openings are the best for achieving this because they give you more flexibility to try out different camera positions.

Keep It Simple

Are you just getting started with this type of photography? The trick here is to keep it simple until you have mastered the ropes. Use simple surfaces like glass, wood or metal and you won’t believe the quality of phots you’ll get. Once you feel a little more confident, move on to more complex props that bring about different textures, requiring more complex lighting positions. Complex lighting might mean adding more speed lights for the shoots.

Sony PMW-320K HD Camcorder with 16x Zoom Lens

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If you’re looking for the perfect high-end camera that is affordable and comes with all the trappings of excellence, the Sony PMW-320K is the perfect camera for you. This baby is bound to bring your images and videos to life as you make your jewelry shots.