While humanity is not always kind to its small animal friends, they have oft times preserved our very existence. Consider the canaries in the coal mines. These wee creatures were placed in harm’s way to ensure that miners did not inhale too much carbon monoxide. And, in Japan, cats helped detect too-high levels of mercury in fish. These animals provided their lives to save humanity. It’s time we returned the favor, understanding that miners need pets too!

Miners Need Pets Too!

A miner’s job is mostly a dirty, thankless one. So, returning from a blistering day in a sweltering mine should open the opportunity to relax in the office and enjoy a small pet. Therefore, it is time you learned about raising your hermit crab the right way. If that is the pet you have chosen as a companion. They are easy to care for and relatively inexpensive. And, they can live up to 15 years! Plenty of time to find enjoyment in them over the course of your mining career.

But, maybe you are looking for something a little furrier? If so, keep reading!

Top 5 Small Pets for Your Office

Having determined that you like things with fur, it should be pretty simple to ascertain what small animal is going to best suit your office needs. You will want something you can hold, otherwise fur would not be necessary. Therefore, consider the following small pets:

  1. Guinea Pigs– Guinea pigs, which are also called, cavies, can weigh up to 3 pounds. And, they live for five to ten years. You can choose between short and long haired varieties, and there are several color options as well. Understand, though, that they need a lot of exercise. Don’t go for the running wheel, it’s not good for their hind legs. Instead, opt for large enclosures with tunnels. Read more.
  2. Hamsters– People calls these “pocket pets” because of their dainty size. They range in length between two and seven inches. While they only live a few years, three at the most, they are perfectly happy to provide you with tons of babies if you get a breeding pair. Then you’ll never run out of these cute little furry things.
  3. Rabbits- They are actually quite incredible. They are very intelligent, will come when called, use a litter box, and even walk on a leash! Given the fact that there are 60 different breeds ranging in size between two and 13 pounds, there’s plenty of flexibility to find the one that’s right for you. Now you’ll just have to determine how long you want the ears to be. That soft bunch of love could stick around for 10 years. Learn more.
  4. Ferret- If you are looking for a laugh at the end of a hard day in the mines, this is probably the pet for you. They are curious creatures who like to roam and explore. You can train them to use a litter box as well. This is an animal that will much prefer being able to run around the office rather than being stuck in a cage. Be prepared for up to 8 years of laughter.
  5. Chinchilla- By far the most exotic animal on the list, none of the predecessors have fur as velvety soft. You will think you have a mini kangaroo in the office because the chinchilla’s front legs are significantly shorter than its back legs. These are fragile animals, so be careful, and be prepared to have the ability to rub that fur for up to 20 years! Click this for more information.

Mining is a challenging job. Relax at the end of the day with one of these wee wonders.