Safety has always been a major concern with regards to mining. Accident and health risks are a predominant part of any mining job and location, and governments hold strict regulations to reduce and prevent the incidence of such risks. Here is what you can do as any mining company/location to make sure that you keep yourselves and your employees and colleagues safe during mining:

Keep adequate ventilation

Poisonous gases and improper air circulation are major issues most minors are exposed to. These are hazardous and can even result in fatalities. Get proper vent ducts, fans, and circuits installed by the proper authorities, maintain quality control, and schedule regular follow-ups and maintenance programs to make sure mines are safe for workers.

Prevent gas sparks

Flammable gases are common in coal mines, and with higher temperature and flame-related equipment and materials, fires, sparks, and explosions are major mine risks. Use a procedure known as rock dusting, in which limestone dust is spread around the mines to reduce and prevent any potential igniting threats. Also, install an adequate water supply to cool down workers as well as hot rock-cutting areas of the mines.

Prevent dust exposure

Respiratory diseases are the most common health concerns seen in most miners. This is due to the presence of gases, which are realized during extraction, crushing and transport of different mining materials like coal, sand, gravel, and stones, with repairable silica being the most primary risk factor. While adequate ventilation should reduce such exposure, miners should still be provided with the proper protective gear and masks, and be given regular health checkups to prevent and treat any potential dust exposure and respiratory problems.

Beware of natural accidents

Even with the most stringent health and safety regulations, mining companies are always exposed to earthquakes, cave-ins, rockfalls and collapses. These innate natural risks come with a mining job. However, certain modern measures such as timbering bracing of walls and ceilings can reduce the number of cave-ins and collapses. Even so, the ground falls and natural disasters make up 50% of mining fatalities, so be sure to have adequate medical response teams employed, have basic medical provisions given to each mining team, and keep in touch with local authorities and medics in case of any emergencies.

Maintain proper transport

A major risk in mining is the availability of easy and safe access to mines, especially those with dangerous locations. You must have proper roads and pavements installed for the safety of workers, and efficient transport of hazardous materials in and out of the mines. West Tennessee Construction makes these installations easy and cost-effective, by providing quality services such as parking lot repair and maintenance, Infrared asphalt repair, eco-friendly procedures and installations, concrete paving, pavement management, on-site evaluation and quality control.

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Remember to follow official mining regulations and guidelines as requested by your local authorities and governments, and have capable medical staff on hand for any emergencies that may occur.