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Drink White Monkey Tea and Be Healthier In the Mining Industry

Your job can have a great effect on your personal health if you are constantly doing hard labor.  Most men and women in the mining industry have to endure a lot of challenging situations that is associated with their job.  You have to get up in the early hours of morning and often have to be active all night long in the cold and dust when you work shifts.  People in the mining industry are constantly exposed to a lot of germs, unhealthy substances and dirty areas which can greatly affect their health.  To top it off their jobs are incredibly stressful and often very dangerous. White Monkey Tea is a great tea for miners who want to improve their general health and be more alert on the job.

What exactly is White Monkey Tea?

The name may sound like something that crazy people would normally smoke but is actually quite innocent and good for you.  White Monkey Tea is rumored to have been harvested by monkeys in the ancient times.  The tea is also known as Baimao Hou and the dried leaves is said to look like the paw of a white haired monkey; hence the strange name. The tea originates from China and is basically a green tea that consists of large silver and white leaves.  This tea is mostly hand processed and has a sweet but refreshing taste.

Drink White Monkey Tea and Be Healthier In the Mining Industry

How White Monkey Tea can benefit your health

The tea is perfect for miners and others who have to balance tough lives.  There are plenty of great benefits to this wonderful tea such as;

  • The tea will strengthen your immune system so you can fight off all of those viruses that you can catch from colleagues and the unsanitary areas where you often have to work.
  • White Monkey Tea lowers your cholesterol levels and reduces your blood pressure levels so your heart will be much healthier.
  • There is some research that shows that the tea reduces the chance of growing tumors and obtaining certain cancers.
  • Your teeth will look much better when you replace coffee because the tea leaves fewer stains and promotes healthy gums.
  • The tea also has some great anti-aging properties and will reduce the amount of wrinkles and help your skin stay more elastic for longer despite all the time you are spending in the harsh elements such as sun and cold.
  • The tea promotes balance and helps you lose weight.

White Monkey Tea doesn’t contain much caffeine

This can be a great plus point for those who want to avoid the negative effects of caffeine to improve their lives but no caffeine is kind of bad news for miners who depend on caffeine to stay alert for dangerous jobs on site.  The tea can replace coffee so you will be healthier but those who simply cannot survive without their daily caffeine spike can always combine White Monkey Tea and coffee for improved health and a more balanced working drive.

If you need to improve your general health then White Monkey Tea is a must.  A stronger immune system will help protect you against the harsh elements of nature so you can perform better and stay safe at all times.

Can Accountants Work At The Mines?

If you think accountants are only for accounting firms, you’d missing out on significant opportunities with growth potential and big rewards. Accountants are not just needed in banking and investment sectors. In fact, they are needed in almost all types of industries – in health, transport, manufacturing, dealership, education, film, and even in mining.

At present, the mining industry seems to be the greatest source of employment and opportunities. Despite the tough economic times and increasing unemployment rate in other areas, the mining industry remains to be in need of skilled workers to keep up with its production demands. Reports said that the mining industry will face a serious labor shortage in the next decade. This is mainly due to its large aging workforce that is ready to retire. In Canada, about 40 percent of mining workers are already beginning to reach their retirement age. So this means that there will be thousands of employment positions to open up in the near future.

According to the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiRH), more than 106,000 skilled workers will be needed in the next 10 years to replace retirees and fill new project vacancies. Engineers and safety professionals are the most needed. But there will also be great demand in the service of other workers, including electricians, geologists, metallurgists, HR managers, and accountants, particularly financial and management accountants.

Can Accountants Work At The Mines?

So if you are an accounting graduate looking for a great employment, then applying in the mining industry can be a great option. The industry has a lot to offer – great compensation, opportunity for growth, and employment security. And since this industry is greatly in need of thousands of workers, they are putting much effort to develop new strategies to attract young professionals to enter the field. These include improving machines and mining equipment to make their jobs much easier, providing more training programs to help them improve their skills, and increasing their salary and benefits to inspire them to work better.

However, keep in mind that even if the industry needs to hire thousands of workers, this doesn’t mean that mining companies will hire just about anyone. The mining industry is a very demanding and laborious industry. You need to have the right skills and ability to meet the job requirements for the position you’re applying. You also need to prepare yourself well so you can become more effective when you enter the field.

If you’re an accounting student or a fresh graduate, you would want to improve your skills and knowledge first before you consider applying, either by getting experience in other industries or attending more training. It will be much easier to find a job in the mines if you have great experience and training. And if you have the desire to level up your career and get one of the highest positions in the field, such as a Chief Accountant, you would definitely need to get your license and earn years of accounting experience. (To pass your CPA exam and become licensed, it’s a must to use CPA review courses, such as CPAexcel and Becker CPA review. Go online to read about CPA excel and Becker CPA review reviews.)