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Tips for Starting Out On Your New Mining Job

Starting out on a new job is always stressful.  You never know what exactly to expect from the new working environment, there is always heaps of new information to process and you will be expected to befriend new colleagues all over again.  Settling down into a new environment can be nerve-wracking, especially if you really want to make a good impression on your new boss, superiors, and colleagues.  Here are a few tips to help you make the switch to a new mining job a lot easier.

Use a moving company

Your new job is already stressful and you will need all of your energy to learn new things about the new job and business conduct.  It won’t help much if you arrive at your new job all exhausted and stressed from the big move.  A good moving company like Umzug Basel can take care of all of the hard work involved in moving for you.  These experts can assist with packing, heavy lifting, furniture assembly and disassembly and they can get all of your personal effects moved to your new home as safely as humanly possible.  The best part is that you probably don’t need to lift a finger since they can even do the unpacking for you if you prefer.  A moving company also takes plenty of stress off your mind because their secure insurance will ensure that you will be fully compensated should something happen to your expensive belongings.

Stay calm and take things slow

We tend to get all hyper on that first day on the job and often say too many things in too short a period of time and in many cases, we say all the wrong things at the wrong times.  It is important to stay calm and to realize that no one expects you to know and do everything from day one.  Take a step back and assume the observer position while you figure things out.

Mind your attitude

A positive and cheery attitude can open quite a few doors for you in life and makes it much easier to get buy during those first few days.  Greet everyone friendly and stay positive even if you end up making terrible mistakes.

Clarify those grey areas

Ask about anything that you are not certain of.  This can help you avoid plenty of terrible mistakes and can help you overcome that learning phase a lot quicker.

Consult with your safety officer

Safety is a big factor in the mining industry.  One of the best things you can possibly do when you are entering a new job is to consult with the occupational safety officers.  Ask about site rules and regulations so you can play it safe from the start.

Find your resources

If you realize that there are certain areas where your knowledge isn’t what it should be, and then find out which resources you can access so you can understand these areas better.  Learn who the go-to people on site are and build positive relationships as you go.

How to Excel as a Miner

Miners accept the type of tasks that they are going to do the moment that they accepted their job. They know that their health risks are bigger than the typical person but they cannot deny the many benefits that they can receive because of their jobs.

Some people have become miners because this is something that they have always wanted. They have always been fascinated with the different things that miners do so the moment that they had the chance to do the same, they pushed through with it. There are also some miners who do it because of the benefits that their families can get.

If you aspire to become a miner but you do not know where to begin, you can always work on your work ethics and skills first. Think about it this way, if you would be given to choose industrial cleaning contractors in Perth would you choose companies who are only mediocre in doing their jobs? If you want something done, you want it done well. You will research about the various companies available to help you in choosing the best one.

If you want to become a miner, you should also show that you are the best choice for the job. How can you improve your work ethic and your skills? Here are some tips you need to remember:

  • You need to learn more about the tasks that miners are set out to do and you should start improving your skills so that you will know how to do your job well. There is a difference with simply doing your job and doing it to the best of your abilities, if you would show that you are good, mining companies will notice you for sure.
  • You should show that you are working hard. Your hard work will always pay off even if it is not evident in the beginning.
  • You should still be professional in doing the tasks that you are set out to do. You may be tempted to goof off with your first job because it is not your dream job but if you cannot prove that you can do a task well, you will not be given a chance to prove yourself worthy of becoming a miner.
  • You need to show that you are grateful for the job that you have. If you would show that you are lazy and you are not determined to do your tasks properly, you will be disregarded and you will not be given the recognition that you want.
  • One of the most important things about being a miner is you have to know how to work with other people. You need to become a team player. A lot of the tasks that you will be required to do will make you work with other people. If you do not know how to communicate properly, you will not become an effective miner.

Working does not mean that you will not continue to learn new things. Make sure that you will always be a learner and you will get far in life.

How Can A Miner Maintain A Healthy Diet?

Working in the mining industry is an arduous and exhausting job. Miner, sometimes, has to be away from his family for irregular shifts. That is when it turns you to adopt poor eating habits. Canteen meals offer nothing but fry up breakfast, hot box pies for lunch, and something most appetizing for dinner. What do you think this high fat and high sugar food is going to do with your body? Weight gain is obvious, so is the poor energy level. Maintaining a healthy diet on the field is challenging, however, not impossible.

How Can A Miner Maintain A Healthy Diet?

Why Is Healthy Diet Necessary?

Healthy eating helps to boost energy level, digestion, concentration, and sleep quality. Shifts are no more tiring if your sleep and good and the energy level are up. Moreover, being obese invites chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and fatty liver. All this leaves you dealing with severe health problems. The Proper diet plan is a perfect solution for all these issues.

Eat Right For The Night Shifts:

Night shifts are likely to put your perfect diet plan in danger. You need to stay up all night, and you would find yourself craving for sugary food or high-calorie snacks at odd hours. Your digestion is slow in the late hours of a day, and the body does not process the food in the same way it does in the early hours.

What you can do here is have your main meal before starting the night shift. Keep some healthy snacks with you and maintain the intake quantity small. Drink water instead of caffeinated beverages.

Get Balanced Diet:

A meal is balanced when it contains vegetables for fibers and nutrients, carbohydrate foods, and lean protein. Cover up half of your plate with vegetables and salad. One-quarter of the meal should include skinless chicken, tuna, lean red meat, and eggs for some lean protein. Rest portion of the plate should aim at carbohydrate food like whole grain bread, baked potato, brown rice or pasta.

Stay Hydrated:

Your body requires a specific amount of fluid, and it depends on your physical roles, your body type and the environmental conditions where you are staying. Keep yourself hydrated and so not replace it with juice or other energy drinks as they are high in sugar.

The purity of water is another imperative issue. Do not just take in any available water without making sure it is not filthy. It is possible that there is not enough supply of water on the field or the only open source is not clean. Gravity fed water filters is an easy solution to this. You can get the water filtered through this anywhere. You can find out more information about these on purewaterpatriot.com.

It is portable and pretty satisfying when you are on the move. It removes all the dangerous contaminants from the water and makes it safe for you. Mikes reviews on the best three gravity filters can further assist you to make the decision easy. He firmly recommends the top-notch quality filters to keep your gut healthy.

Trim Down:

Carrying too much weight of yours would get you feel tired and fatigued. Get a way out to bring your body back to shape. You should start doing it right away. Reduce the intake of high-calorie food and dedicate a few minutes of your time to moderate intensity exercises. It is perfect if you can manage to take a few miles walk daily. Plus, you can consider purchasing a treadmill.

Employers Support:

Employers can play an imperative role in controlling the health issues of workers. They should develop some health programs and ensure the availability of healthy food on site.

Searching for a Mining Job

You may be one of those people who have always wanted to be a miner. You have read about mining from books and you think that it is exciting. You may be bothered by some of the news about mining at times but you still want to become a miner. Having a change in your career now is still possible provided that you are going to live the life that you have always wanted.

Searching for a Mining Job

There are moments when the mining industry seems to be losing its touch. Some people are constantly trying to get mining companies to close but they do not realize that mining is needed by the community for these reasons:

  • A lot of the beauty products that we use contain various minerals. Without mining, these beauty products cannot be made which means that people will not look as good as they do now.
  • It will be nearly impossible for people to build their homes since homes would need certain minerals in order to be stable.
  • This is the same with the vehicles that you use. Even if you use a bike with a trailer, you still need minerals in order to make them. If you want to find the right trailer bike, you can click here for more info. Can you imagine living a life wherein you need to walk going to work everyday?
  • The items that you have in your office are made out of different minerals. Look at the items that you have in your office, do you think that you will have access to these items without mining? It does not matter what industry you are working in, you would still need materials that can only be provided when mining exists.

Once people realize all of the benefits mentioned above, they will stop thinking that mining is completely unnecessary. The important thing is that people are going to mine responsibly. If you want to be a part of the mining industry, you need to find the right job. These are some things you need to remember:

  • Mining is 24/7. You will be given a chance to rest but most of the time, you have to work consecutively for about 2 weeks without taking day offs.
  • The locations where mining takes places may be far from civilization. You have to be prepared to be far away from your family at times. There are some mining camps wherein the families of miners can live but if will be your family’s decision if they want to live there.
  • Miners right now require a high level of literacy. Gone are the days when miners are thought to be a purely physical job. A lot of miners right now are required to be computer literate. Some even have degrees because they need it in order to do the job well. You need to make sure that you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

You should remember that the mining industry may be a bit risky but the benefits that you and your family will get plus the satisfaction you will feel because you are doing your dream job will make everything worth it.

Problems Faced in The Mining Industry!

Mining is a well-paid job with various benefits offered to the employees since the job entails several health hazards. Mining is one of the fields where the World is united to ensure maximum safety is provided for employees, however; employees still face some troubles throughout their careers because mining requires a great deal of human interaction inside the mines. Even though the mining industry is advancing and using machines as a replacement for numerous different jobs, it is still not enough.

One of the biggest problems that miners face is the exertion that comes with the job.  Though most jobs are tiring, they are not as harsh as compared to mining, since this occupation affects the lungs the most and makes the body more tired as it gets harder for oxygen to reach the whole body in maximum amounts. Probably this is why miners are recommended to carry out refreshing activities every other day. One of the most relaxing and refreshing activities is fishing. Fishing allows you to breathe the cool water breeze and it relaxes you. Just get the fishing reels 101 and enjoy a fishing experience like never before. To do fishing appropriately, you require to buy yourself the best fishing reel, or you would not enjoy catching fish. If you have no idea about fishing reels, reelwithstyle.com have got you covered. They offer thorough guidelines for purchasing the finest reel.

Problems Faced in The Mining Industry!

The mining industry faces several challenges every day. It is advanced, yet not enough to avoid everyday problems. These problems are not impossible to solve, with a little more ideas and focus, they can be solved easily. Read on to find out a few problems and the possible solutions.

  1. Tracking of mines:

For mining industries, it is crucial to keep track of the conditions of the mine for work. These conditions cannot be monitored without a human effort. No such machines are manufactured that give this information to the mining operator. However, with the modern wireless systems that are used to track atmospheric conditions allow the job to be more comfortable for the miners. They can easily communicate with the mining operators. One of the reasons why this technology was not used is probably because of the expensiveness; nevertheless, with time, they are becoming more affordable.

  1. Combustible Materials affect mining tools:

Flammable materials are the natural byproduct of mining. These materials need to be emptied out quickly to avoid any damage to the mining equipment. Usually, these cause significant hassles for mining industries since the equipment is expensive to replace and the miners have to work on an expedited speed to ensure safety. A new product in the market allows any opening to turn into an airtight seal. This product allows the equipment to remain safe by sealing the air against any impurities and allowing cold air to be separated from hot air.

  1. Bad lighting inside the mine:

Since mines are underground, the issue of poor lighting always exists, and it is tough to see and work in mines. Even with the headlamps, there is not enough light to work. Numerous agencies are working to develop a projector that provides brighter and wider light. Moreover, massive affordable lights should be produced especially for mining. The difference in light can make working conditions better and hence, improve performance.

  1. Health Hazards to miners:

Miners are regularly breathing dust particles, and other harmful particles in the air causing several respiratory problems for almost every miner in the world. Since a healthy environment is the right of every employee, mining industries are always looking for solutions to ensure that mines cause the least harm to miners.

Dust controlling programs are customizable and are highly recommended in mines to ensure that miners can breathe as much clear air as possible. Additionally, various solutions absorb the impurities in the air and separate breathing air from impure air. Although these solutions are not entirely practical, they are better than no solution at all and inhaling hazardous air.

Reasons why gardening is good for your health and stress when working in the mining industry

Working in the mining industry can be a very stressful job and can really leave you tense and stressed every day after getting home from work. There are great ways to relax when working in the mining industry that can include reading, painting or meditation. But what if you could calm yourself and relax by doing something that you might have seen as a huge task before? That is totally possible with gardening. Not only is it good for your stress levels but also for your health and here are a couple of reasons why you should get stuck in immediately.

It is said that the sensory experience of gardening really allows a person the time to relax and reflect as stress relief is really a given as studies have shown.  In many institutions where people are depressed and receiving treatment for various other mental conditions they use gardening as a form of therapy and this is reason enough to show that it is a great thing to do. People that suffer from Bipolar disorder have actually shown great improvement in their mood swings with gardening. You should click here to take a look at some of the best gardening tools that will really make your next garden activity a successful one because as with any other trade you need the right tools for the job.

Reasons why gardening is good for your health and stress when working in the mining industry

Gardening is also a physical activity which means you will enjoy the benefit of a bit of exercise which is always a good thing if you are looking for ways to stay healthier. Nothing is more fun than getting dirty as you plant new seeds or get rid of shrubbery. Any form of physical activity out in nature and in your own backyard will be good for you and assure that you will be ready for what the next day at work has to offer.

It is also said that it is good for your brain and this has been proven by studies. Dementia risks can be lowered by doing some gardening which of course is a physical activity. Take a look at more tips for better brain health here.  While you are planting flowers you can also grow your own food which is a much healthier option for you and your loved ones. Home gardens are a great way to save money.

If you don’t know where to start you might want to take a look at some basic tips for growing your own veggies here.  Without any preservatives or additives you can enjoy your own grown veggies so much more and you just might find that they taste better. The great thing is that you don’t need a big backyard to start your own gardening project or even a green thumb. Start your process with a few houseplants and go from there. Houseplants in containers are a great way to start your gardening project and also don’t require a lot of space.

Reasons why you should have your built when working in the mining industry

As a hardworking person in the mining industry you will know that purchasing a home can be rewarding but also stressful task to do. You might be lucky enough to be provided with housing which is a great benefit to enjoy but if this is not the case you can enjoy the benefit of good remuneration by having your home built from scratch. Instead of leasing someone else’s property and paying for their bond you can enjoy the benefit of saying this is my house and I worked hard for it. You will also enjoy the benefit and freedom of modifying the property to be exactly as you would want it.

Reasons why you should have your built when working in the mining industry

If you first come to the decision that you would like to have your own house you will enjoy the benefit of designing what you want by having it build instead of living in someone else’s dream home. There are wonderful and effective ways to build houses nowadays that include modular homes. Click here to take a look at some great designs. You might also find that it works out cheaper to have your house built from the ground up. Many people start their investment by purchasing the ground first and then building.

There are great contractors out there that will do a fantastic job with your house and that will built it exactly to your specification. Take a look at www.redinkhomes.com.au for some of the best home builders in the Perth area. These are professionals that will deliver the best possible work when it comes to building. With a professional website and helpful staff you will most certainly end up with a job done incredibly well when deciding to go with these guys.

Another fantastic and worthwhile benefit to enjoy if you decide to have your house built is that you will see the growth and actually choose which additions you would like to add. You can choose how much you would like to invest in your property and that in turn gives you a great investment if you would like to sell your house later and perhaps turn a profit. There are many people that have houses built and then resell them for double the price that they paid initially. The property market is still thriving and a great way to invest. Click here to read more about investing in property.

You work hard for your money and you have to endure dangerous and difficult situations on a daily basis so it is only right that you need to build yourself a sanctuary to go home to after work. You could also enjoy having your home built in a favorite area and to save it as your retirement home. By doing this you will have the peace of mind that you will have a roof over your head the day you decide to stop working and take it easy. The choices are endless when having your house built and it is definitely an investment worth making.

The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

While you may have arrived on this site to learn a little more about what is going on in the field of uranium mining, we would like to switch gears at this juncture. We want to bring to the forefront a new trend known as urban mining. Certainly this doesn’t involve the down and dirty career generally associated with those in the mining industry. However, it does incorporate the desire to seek out even the most miniscule particles of the element one is after.

Cell phones, and all you need to know about them, can probably be best explained at https://www.izengate.com/. Yet, the value of these cell phones in the realm of urban mining will not be revealed until you continue reading this piece. So, if you need a new Apple, Samsung, or LG, feel free to visit Izengate, but if you want to know why people are mining your discarded phones, do not stray from your screen.

The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

What is Urban Mining?

Urban mining, by definition, is the scavenging and retrieving process utilized by people accessing old electronics, and other waste, as sources for valuable elements. In truth, there are several key minerals and other valuable oddities found in scrapping cell phones, computers, and pretty much anything with a circuit board.

Gold, silver, copper and iridium can be collected from these discarded bits of technology. And, because there is money to be made in precious metals, it is no wonder that urban mining has sprung up among the dumpsters and trash heaps.

Here are the statistics that might just blow your mind:

  • One ton of gold ore will yield 5 grams of usable gold once all the rubbish is discarded.
  • One ton of trashed cell phones will bring 150 grams, and possibly even more.
  • That same ton of cell phones has 220 lbs of copper and 6.6 lbs of silver.

When you think about the gold and silver trading markets, it is easy to see why you might want to start your own urban mining outfit. Read more about urban mining.

Japan’s Story

Japan is pretty limited in the natural resources category. Therefore, it makes sense for them to participate in urban mining as a means of providing for their billion dollar electronics industry. The tens of millions of cell phones and other tech gadgets discarded there, yearly, make for a great way to keep that industry in business.

Eco-Systems is a company in Japan that is eagerly seeking out that trash heap of electronics for the purpose of making money. One worker watches the machine he controls pour gold bars worth $90,000. This is all gold that has been “mined” from the gadgets and cell phones pitched into the trash heap. That makes the dump a literal “gold mine” and Eco-Systems is all about cashing in on that deal.

This company has been in business for the last 20 years, and its achievements are beyond astounding. Reports indicate that each month they produce 440-660 lbs of gold bars. They have honed their skills to near perfection with a 99.99 purity rating on the gold they produce. That’s roughly $6-$9 million dollars each month! Learn more.

If you have ever considered the desire to pan for gold (read more about that here) you might want to reevaluate that dream and switch it over to the new trend of urban mining.

Things you didn’t know about mining law

The mining industry is a very intricate industry where many laws or bylaws are applicable. There is thousands of legal action cases that are mining related annually. With protection of employees and everyone that is involved in the industry it sometimes happens that most people aren’t aware of their rights while working at a mine. It is important to be informed of any legal rights or what they are entitled to while working in this risky industry. Here are a few important legal items that you might not know about the mining industry. Click here to read more about the history of mining.

Things you didn’t know about mining law

The earliest mining legislation was set in place in 1981 where congress established that minimum ventilation requirements was important in underground coal mines and that children under the age of 12 were not allowed to work in the mining industry. Thankfully this law was brought in because it is quite a horror to imagine children working underground.  It was also stipulated that in 1907 362 miners were killed in a coal mine explosion along with the 3000 miners that died in the year of 1907 which gives room for the new laws that were implemented. During that time mining was rather primitive.

It is fantastic to know that there are individuals that form a group that takes care of issues that affect people and their safety. Read more about Philadelphia 3.0 which represents a group of strong and likeminded individuals that are informed about the political goings on in Philadelphia. These guys get involved in issues that are crucial to the political side of Philly and make it their business to be interactive and engaged in the community.

In 1910 it is said that congress set up the Bureau of Mines in the department of Interior. Mining methods were finally examined and safer practices were noted as important and something to implement. Preventing accidents in the mines became priority. Unfortunately it was said that the authorities didn’t have the right processes in place to supervise mining operations and health standards. In 1952 the Federal Coal Mine safety act was established by congress which brought forth annual inspections and mandatory safety rules and regulations. Click here to read more about this act.

More stringent standards were set up in 1969 and the inspections became more frequent and formal. In 1977 the Federal Mine Safety and health act was merged with the department of labor which once again made the act a higher priority. This ruling was based on over 2100 coal mines and 12500 non-metal mines which really made a difference in the industry allowing employees the peace of mind with safer working conditions. Since 1996 there have been around 478 reported coal mining incidents where employees got injured where more than half of them occurred in Kentucky and West Virginia. 1000 lives have been lost in mining since 1996. With new regulations it is mostly human error that causes these incidents.

Industrial Décor in the Mining Industry

The mining industry has gotten a bad rap. Many people think it’s a dirty profession. And, in some respects it is. After all, digging deep into the earth and crawling around in caves and tunnels does make for some pretty dingy attire. But, your office doesn’t have to reflect that dusty darkness you find in your mining moments. Why not play on the industry by utilizing industrial décor in your office?

But How?

You are probably used to raw and rough surfaces while seeking out precious metals. That edginess is at the core of industrial design. People are looking for unfinished surfaces and fabrics that match that idealism.

One first step for you might be to find someone who works on fabric. If you’ve messed up your favorite office chair you can get Upholstery Cleaning – Click Here. Or you can seek out a new pattern all together and reupholster your seating areas.

Industrial Décor in the Mining Industry

Keep an eye out for steel furniture. Add some ceiling beams and pillars. You won’t have to spend a lot of money. You probably have access to some very “industrial” things on your job sites.  Anything old and rusty can be transformed with a little ingenuity and ambition.

You could turn that old pusher leg into a coat rack. Or, you could make some really cool light fixtures out of those antiquated scabblers. If you’re really industrious, you could make sinks out of hard hats and shelves from discarded pipes.

Another great idea is to collect brick to create a faux wall covering. You can mix brick with various steel findings and perhaps even a little wood to warm the room up. Really, the ideas are endless but if you need a little inspiration, click this.

No doubt your employees and customers will find great pleasure in entering your newly designed office space. If nothing else, it will make you smile.

Why do it?

You are probably wondering what value is found in redecorating your office. That’s simple. There is a great deal of research revealing that design can play a significant part in one’s emotional well-being. In fact, there is an area of psychology devoted wholly to that study, it’s called design psychology. People respond, emotionally, to various design layouts. Read more about design psychology.

The truth is, most industrial décor is not very bright. Your employees might want you to add some color with plants and various other foliage. This is because the lack of color can lead to bleak emotions and depressive moods.  Vintage posters are great ways to add color to the industrial theme, maybe a Rosie the Riveter poster would complement the décor (learn about her here).

So, while you are striving to add a bit of joy to your office, playing on the concept of being in the mining industry, you will also need to ensure that it’s a welcoming space. Learning a little about colors and human psyche might be well worth your while.

Industrial Décor and Psychology

You might be in the mining industry looking for precious metals, but you have the ability to influence the lives of your employees simply by redesigning your office and meeting spaces. Take a survey, welcome ideas, and pick color schemes that will boost emotional morale. You can make the industrial décor compliment design psychology. You can learn tons more about industrial décor by clicking here.