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Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

One of the most popular and most sought after careers in mining is to become a mining engineer. Not only is it considered to be one of the most prestigious careers it has also paved the path for mining from the early goldfields to current high technology mining. This career allows you to lead the way in the minerals industry. New mining technologies are yours to discover and you will be the one that plans how minerals are going to be extracted from the earth. This line of work will put you at the forefront of mining and innovation.

Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

Some of the skills you will require to start a career as a mining engineer include the following:

You need to enjoy technical and engineering work, a passion for “how things work” is most definitely something you would need to be successful as a mining engineer. You also need to be willing to adhere to safety and security requirements for this job. You need to be able to identify and analyze problems and then also be able to solve them as they happen. So a good problem solver will go a long way. This all means that you need to be good at communication, verbally and written communication. You need to understand that you will be working with innovative and technical software to plan and prepare the layout of the mining development so you would need to be willing to learn. You might also have to be involved in staff decisions which mean leadership qualities are important. Click here to take a look at some great tips to increase your leadership abilities.

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Some of the duties that you would need to handle include the following:

You would regularly need to conduct investigations of mineral deposits and also evaluate work that has been done by various officials like geologists and other science personnel. You need to prepare plans for the mine that include tunnels and shafts as well as other infrastructure that is necessary for the mine to operate well and safe. You will constantly be consulting with various other parties in the mine regarding important decisions and operation of computers for calculations and preparation will also be a very responsible duty. Most of the time you will have to oversee the operations of the mine which makes you a very important person and which means you would need to be alert and involved at all times. Click here to read more about stress handling at work.

ROI on Mining Engineering Degree

Mining and metallurgy has been growing popular ever since the initial days. Though people were doing mining and metallurgy since decades and decades, there was no actual specialization in the engineering field earlier until recently this engineering major is gaining its popularity. Now, almost all big and small universities are inculcating this mining engineering as one of their fields of study in the engineering colleges across the world.

Though the subjects might seem quite easy, the practicals and the actual doing of it is really tough. They not only have theoretical courses, but also the field practices which are very hectic most of the time. These days both men and women are participating and taking up the mining Engineering discipline in their undergraduate or graduate courses.

Why should you opt for mining Engineering?

Mining brings the hidden treasures of earth into light and various social and industrial needs. Mining is one of the top contributors of the nation whether you believe it or not. If you are thinking only software jobs pay well, then definitely you are wrong. Mining also pays pretty good compensation to the miners and other technical as well as non technical workers in the mining industry. Modern mining engineering needs sound understanding of design and technical knowledge along with scientific understanding of the subject matter. You can get good return on investment (ROI) once you join the industry. To get more information on calculating ROI, visit here: http://www.paymystudentloans.com/student-loan-roi-calculator-2/.

Sections in the mining and metallurgical engineering

There are 3 sub divisions in mining and metallurgical engineering and each of these are considered as major or sub majors depending upon what University you are trying to register to.

1. Geo engineering
2. Metallurgical engineering
3. mining engineering

Mining Engineering

Our main concentration and focus in this article is about mining engineering. Here the students are trained for performing various activities exercised by the mining engineers. Imagine what you would do if you were a real time mining engineer doing a field work? That is where practical applications come into picture and students are very well trained to do their home works on these courses. The mining engineers are expected to perform different functions exercised by mining engineers such as plan, design, operation and closure of the mining project.

Various degrees available in the mining engineering

Mining engineering is studied by students who are –

● undergraduation or minor in mining engineering

If you are looking for minoring in mining engineering, then you should be completing at least 18 credits in the mining engineering discipline. The department advisor can help you out if you consult him/her.

● Bachelors in mining engineering

Best Engineering Schools

Major emphasis in the bachelors engineering is on general option, quarry option, mineral processing or extractive metallurgy option. Here, the graduates are expected to demonstrate at least some basic knowledge of design mines which is socially and environmentally responsible. Students should be able to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, identify as well as formulate and solve the practical mining engineering problems.check more detailed information in this website.

● Masters in mining engineering

Here the mining engineers learn to design, plan the surface as well as underground mines. Besides this, they also learn to use the design equipment for operating or excavating and make use of ventilation systems, rock conveyors, railroads and elevators.

Gold price predictions for 2015

Who does not love gold? Whether it is man or woman, whether you are wearing gold ornaments or buying gold biscuits or coins for investment, it is up to you completely. The major truth however revolves around 1 important question – why are people so crazy about gold? Is gold really worth buying and keeping them with you? Or is it really a good practice to keep buying gold all throughout your lifetime and maintain a constant investment cash flow? Well, whatever the reason may be, the money your gold is worth of, will never change even if it is for investment or just to wear the ornaments.visit us now for more detailed information.


Gold prices have hardly gone down since decades. Though the prices might slightly increase every year, there are hardly any or very few instances where the prices may decrease slightly. From the 12 consecutive years, the yellow metal has been raising its price and has settled down to $1,202. Many optimistic predictions state that the prices will keep on increasing in the forthcoming years. Below section speaks about the predictions for 2014 as defined by most of the renowned and authentic sources.


As per RBC, UBS as well as Nomura analysts, gold price will still increase in 2014. Nomura Securities have predicted that in 2014, gold price will definitely increase from $1,140 to $1,340. Also, the 2015 forecast says that the price might further increase to $1,400/oz from the rate we currently have. However, RBC capital has quoted a much higher price of $1,400. UBS analyst predicted the gold price from $1,200 to around $1,350.visit http://www.goldinmind.com/gold-updates-news/gold-price-forecasts.html for more detailed information.

This clearly means there there is a more positive shift of sentiments as compared to 2013. On the other hand, Goldman Sachs mentions that the gold price may or may not get back to its level because of the initial half a year when the value was pretty much good around $1,500 that time.Goldman Sachs also expects that there might be a pick up in the US recovery and also there might be a plunge next year which predicts gold to be an average of $1,165 next year.

gold inventories


While there is always a bit of fluctuations as gold price directly depends on the nation’s economy, predictions still have a positive opinion on the ever increasing prices of gold. However, there are no big signs after last week’s job surge. However, as per the reports sent by Barclays, investors are not supposed to trust the upturns of gold as the prices might fluctuate in the upcoming days. They should be prepared to sell them for any prices this year.

Gold trade

Besides this, gold held in exchange traded products also is increasing by 1.5 metric tons as this data is authentic and comes from the Bloomberg show. Currently, the value of the assets dropped to $73 billion during last year. This is one of the lowest trading prices ever since 2009.

Frac Sand Mining Showing Strongest Growth

Frac sand mining can help ease a country’s dependency on natural oil and frac sand and gain a profit on the lower gas prices. In order to understand the frac sand mining growth and its intricacies, it is essential to understand the frac sand mining industry report. In earlier days frac sand mining industry was quite small and was on the verge of potential growth in particular regions.read full post for more details.

As it is region based, most of these jobs are concentrated in the Jackson county around Monroe county, Buffalo and Trempealeau. Many other places where frac sand is naturally available are also trying to take advantage these days.The business is more prospective in agricultural area, and places where dry, condensed as well as evaporated dairy product manufacturing can take prominence.

Economical growth

Many of these counties mentioned above are also experiencing huge buyouts of land from many companies with a thought of building sand mines in their counties. Hence, the salary paid to workers in these regions where many families together work in these frac sand mines are significantly higher as compared to the wages in the other regions. Some of the economic indicators shows regional concentration as compared to other regions. This clearly indicates that the region is much more conducive for sand mining as compared to the rest of the nation.

Statistical data

To give you clear statistics of the economical growth, below is the actual data

● 2001 location quotient is around 17.34
● 2011 location quotient is 77
● total change adds up to 9
● total percentage change is 13.3%
● 2011 average earnings per worker comes up to $136,363

Job prospects

Sand mining is booming across the nation and hence the job prospects is also increasing tremendously. Industrial sand mining has grown 24% from past 8 years. Besides this, the industry has spiked almost 40% from 2 years and slightly dipped to 8% in 2013. As per the 2014 predictions, it is anticipated that there might be a good recovery possible for all of these losses.

Hence, the jobs in US more than 4,500 last year is anticipated to reach up to 5,000 this physical year. Therefore, the average wages might hike up to $78,500 in sand mining industry. This industry has increased the job prospects from 0 to 117 jobs in just 3 years. Sand mining jobs are 275 times more concentrated in some regions as compared to the national average.


Export oriented

Certainly frac sand mining has an export potential since not every country or geographical area is capable of mining and selling these frac sand. You can buy frac sand here: http://buyfracsand.net/. This is a great business as it brings in fresh supply of money as compared to other circulating dollar business in the area. Sand mining is the 6th most popular industry in Ottawa Peru and Illinois. Places like big metro areas like Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, etc, are popular sand mining and exporters though there are tons of other industries which are big giants in the manufacturing and export field.

Best Metal Detector for Precious Metals

Precious metals are not easily available and they need to be detected, digged or mined and processed in order to get the real precious metal. So, you would definitely need a metal detector for pursuing this task off course. When evaluating various metal detectors you will know lot of features of these metal detectors. However, it is very difficult and confusing to decide which metal detector would be good for your utility. For this, you must know and understand thoroughly all the intricacies and things related to the metal detectors. This article speaks more about what criteria is used to define the ‘best’ thing in the metal detector for detecting precious metals hidden in the earth.

Facts or issues to be considered

Time and money are the 2 important factors which are very essential to decide which is a good metal detector for detecting precious metals. In case you plan to use the metal detectors for a longer time, then you should be using the electronic version of it. As in any other product or equipment, the price of the metal detector is directly proportional to the features added to the equipment; which clearly means – the more the features, the more expensive the equipment will be. Not every one can use a sophisticated and expensive metal detector. You might even love the basic equipment, but in case you want more features, then you may have to compromise by paying higher price for the equipment.


In most of the cases, you will have to buy a lot of accessories along with the metal detector equipment. Some of these accessories might include a pair of headphones which have volume controls, coil cover, beach scoops, trowels, as well as a detector bag. As they can extend the signal sound, good speakers are preferred in this case. You can also make the detector’s battery last longer as well as keep them away from beeping due to malfunctioning. For a best metal detector best headphones like Depthmaster Audiophone II is preferred.go to http://www.goldgold.com/tag/metal-detecting/page/2 for more details.

Best Metal detector

A best metal detector is intended to have a meter display and its targets will be found via the audio signal. Hence there will be lesser openings in the control box which doesn’t allow any leakages. Most of the equipment require manual balancing and ground tracking. If this basic thing is covered, then that would be a great feature to make.

best metal detectors

However, frequency is a very important feature to be considered in order to detect the precious metal ores. In case the mine is in extreme depth position, then using 2 box detectors is a good choice. If you are looking for veins of ore, or cache, or cables or pipes, then you should be using this type of metal detectors. Here are more links to guide you better.

To conclude, there is no one said best metal detector. Depending upon the need basis, there are different features of metal detectors which come handy. Hence, on need basis you should be able to make your own decision what kind of metal detectors you would want to use.

Air filtration systems for mines

Dust and air borne particles are constantly in taken due to construction equipment or mining equipments. Sand, cotton seeds, dust, pollen, weeds, leaves, paper, dirt, industrial waste, etc are continuously drawn into our breathing air making it more difficult and polluted to breath. This requires thousands of hours and lot of men to repair the damages caused and restore and bring back the damaged parts of the environment. If there less inflow of air, then the equipment lasts longer and will have reduced capacity and decreased life efficiency. Besides this, it will also have escalating power costs and increased filter changes.

New solutions

If your equipment needs increased engine capacity, service intervals which are extended, reduced downtime, higher efficiency and equipment protection, then Donaldson provides the most excellent solution which provides all these help. Besides this, it adds up to this by increasing the uptime across the entire operation with the filtration solutions provided by Donaldson group.

Air filtration systems

Almost all the equipments are prone to failure due to wear and tear or any other technical reasons how much ever expensive they might be, or how much ever costly materials may be used to build them. Major failure is due to the corrosive environments. Besides this, acid gases might attack edge and pin connectors, sockets, wire wrap connections and metal component. This corrosion leads to current blockages slowing down the functioning of electrical systems or overheating the equipments.

By using the air filtration systems you will definitely be able to see quite a lot of improvement in the production process. Besides this, you can also prevent expenditures for new systems as well as lose revenue due to huge repairs and maintenance or even down time expenses sometimes.

Particulate filters used in mines

There are many types of particulate filters which you can use for better air filtration.go to the original source for more details.

● Deep bed filters have deep air bag and a grid for supporting the inner basket as well as outer mounting frame. This helps in wide range of utilities as it can be easily fitted across different muti media efficiencies.

● Synthetic or fibre glass bag filters are used for HVAC systems where certain amount of medium filter is essential.

● Medium and high efficiency filters are used to perform extended surface deep cartridges using commercial hardware and HVAC systems.

● Dust collectors filter out any tiny dust particles. Many of these can be used for product recovery, air pollution control and dust collection.
You can learn more of these air filters and ionizers here: http://ionizersforair.com/.

Dust Collector System

Tips for buying an effective air filtration

When you are buying an effective air filtration system, it is essential to buy them all from a single supplier. The reason behind this is, if your equipment or some of the parts fail, then you may be covered under the warranty or you may even be able to buy those parts in lose. However, if you plan to buy different parts from different vendors, then it might really get difficult to manage this. In such cases, engines and filters will work more effectively when air filters need to be replaced. This will not only save you cost but also reduces the downtime in repairs.