This mining conference is set to take place in Iraq in 2017. They claim to have one of the world’s most promising markets for people in the mining industry. This two day event anticipates the participation of 20 countries and more than 200 attendees. Their site suggests that this conference will be a unique opportunity to advance yourself in the mining industry located in Iraq.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) should probably have someone there as well. According to the FDD Facebook page, cooperating with Iraq’s supposed enemy, Iran, will benefit China. But, other news suggests that Iran can’t possibly be Iraq’s enemy because Iran has provided groups in Iraq with US weaponry. The terrorist threat posed by either of these countries, Iran, specifically, is not one to take lightly. Maybe much can be learned at this 2017 conference.

The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Mining, Minerals and Materials in Iraq

Conference Objectives

With a number of keynote speakers in attendance, this conference looks to be quite revelatory. It will be interesting to see which countries are actually participating in it. However, the conference’s website suggests that the following, seemingly innocent, objectives are all that’s on the agenda:

  • Developing and discussing mining opportunities in Iraq.
  • Attempting to revitalize the Iraqi mining industry by extending and exhibiting links with other industries related to mining.
  • Bringing together those who want to explore and exploit Iraq’s natural resources.
  • Opening up talks with the Director Generals, Senior Advisors, and Minister in case there are any problems to be resolved or solutions to be had.
  • Re-evaluating the topography to ascertain the best mining locations.
  • Developing cooperation, collaboration, and networking opportunities between all who can contribute to mining endeavors in Iraq.

Learn more about Iraq’s mining industry.

Key Topics

These objectives will hopefully be reached through the introduction of key topics by the selected speakers. These topics are designed to paint a prettier picture of Iraq on the whole, and its mining industry specifically. Consider these topics:

  • Iraq’s extended position on development and trade
  • Key minerals’ and commodities’ future outlook
  • Ins and outs of business in Iraq
  • Fertilizer and phosphate industries
  • Building and cement materials
  • Logistics and infrastructure that keep Iraq functioning (this is probably a great topical presentation for FDD to attend)
  • Strategies for growth as presented by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Mining
  • Economic reform occurring in Iraq
  • Security assessments and political framework

The last two topics on the lecture series seem quite odd when considering the whole thing is supposed to be about mining. Why will economic reform be necessary? Is Iraq experiencing some sort of significant economic failing? Are they desperate for new investors to exploit their country’s natural resources? Read this about Iraq’s economic struggles.

And if that is the case, why then are we to be concerned with their political framework and the security assessment attached therein? These topics suggest to the average reader that Iraq is experiencing some kind of political and financial trouble. Adding to that, the knowledge that they have willing accepted weaponry from their sworn enemy, Iran, and this news is unnerving. Read more about the relationship between Iraq and Iran.

Will the US participate in this conference? And if so, will a member of the FDD be present? We hope that they will because that organization has been established to help aid in the fight against terrorism. They have made it their goal to see America regain its position of strength and power in the world. Surely they won’t let such an odd conference go on without an ear on the inside.