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Reasons to Invest In Precious Metal Mining

This might strike you as a wee bit odd, but there’s a good chance you’d be better off investing in stocks associated with precious metal mining than in purchasing chunks of gold or silver. While the weight of such valuable resources might feel great in your hand, the value of the stocks backing the companies that mine for these metals might be of infinitely greater value.

Titan Uranium is in the business of precious metal mining, just like so many other companies worldwide. And certainly their discoveries and excavations are worth a pretty penny. But, there are some seriously beneficial reasons to invest in the companies rather than the products.

Reasons to Invest In Precious Metal Mining

When you’ve learned how to utilize the stock market to invest in precious metal mining the money you make could be used to employ Juan Pablo Molyneux to decorate your newly purchased mansion in Chile (his place of origin). Or perhaps you could at least afford a trip to Pouy-sur-Vannes to see his elaborate chateaux. But even if that doesn’t work out, here are five reasons to invest in silver and gold mining stocks:

  1. Market Leaders– If you are a stock market buff, you know that the S&P 500 is only realizing 7% gains as of today. But, silver miners worth more than $300 million are bringing in up to 532%. And, gold miners have seen their values double, triple, and even quadruple. They are market leaders. Learn more about the S&P 500 here.
  2. Short vs Long Term– Buying precious metals give you that in your hand hedge of protection. They are worth whatever amount of ounces/pounds you own. They may gain or lose value over time but they are always a tangible entity. However, if you invest in the actual companies doing the mining and their value in the market continues to climb, you could realize some seriously impressive long term gains.
  3. Know More– When you buy gold or silver all you’ve got is the hunk of metal. You know what it looks like and what it weighs but that’s about it. When you invest in stocks you have an excess of knowledge about the gold and silver markets. You get immediate access to statements and presentation updates. You see the ins and outs of what is driving the gains and losses. Remember, knowledge is always power.
  4. Dividends– Chunks of gold and silver will always remain chunks. They can’t do anything for you in that form. However, when you own stock in a company that is seeing long term and consistent gains there is the potential that you will earn dividends. Then your stock will be paying you to keep it while your hunk of gold sits in a safe deposit box. Click this to learn more about stock market dividends.
  5. Flexibility- When values decrease that piece of metal in your sock drawer loses its worth and there’s not much else that can be done about that. However, when a company starts to see lower monies they can readjust their means of accumulating wealth. They can cut costs where needed to insure that their value doesn’t deteriorate and the opposite is true too. That bar of silver’s value can only fluctuate with the market while the increased value in a company can enable it to grow and create more value from within.

Precious metals are accurately named. However, knowing how best to utilize them can be a challenge. We recommend investing in mining stock. But you can learn more about that here.

How Miners Can Do Interior Decorating On the Sideline

Let’s face it, no one dreams of working in the mining industry when they are young.  There is no child who yearns to work on the heavy machinery or to descend into the depths of the earth to generate precious metals.  In fact most young people fear the entire idea of working in such a dangerous area.  But working the mines is one of the best paying and most secure jobs out there which are why so many people build their careers around the mining industry.  But just because you are working the mines does not mean you cannot also pursue your passion.  In today’s modern lifestyle there are plenty of people who follow multiple career paths, passions and hobbies and they love every bit of their busy lives.  If interior decorating is your passion then you can also make this dream a reality by simply putting in a few extra hours and a bit of extra effort.

Draw inspiration from the greats

If you are worried about making a success of your interior decorating sideline business due to competition or a problem with demand then you should worry no further.  The need for interior decorators is now higher than ever before and the sky is the limit when it comes to making a success out of this career path.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for example, is one of the most famous interior decorators.  His work is taking him all over the world and he and his firm have over the years transformed numerous homes, businesses, mansions and even castles into timeless works of art.

How Miners Can Do Interior Decorating On the Sideline

Get a degree in interior decorating

Studying for an additional career path or degree is always a terrific idea because you are sure that you will never be out of a job no matter how tough the economy or circumstances gets.  When you have a professional degree in interior decorating you are sure to find some terrific clients who will definitely love to use your services.

Design on the sideline

It can be tough to juggle a career, studies and make time for projects on the sideline but you will need to try to fit in some freelancing projects so you can gain experience and work on a profile which you can showcase to other clients.

Create a market strategy

When you are done with studies it is time to start marketing your sideline job.  You can advertise on social media sites, create a website, place ads in newspapers and more to get your name recognized.  You should also constantly treat customers, colleagues and any other person well because someone somewhere is going to refer you to a large company which might just open a lot of doors for you in the interior decorating industry.

It can be hard to take the plunge to pursue a passion when there are so many insecurities out there but it is definitely worth the risk if you could one day perhaps turn your passion for interior decorating into a career or perhaps even a glorious interior design business.