Mining can sometimes be a risky line of work and it is important that the employers and the staff members take precautions and pay attention to safety rules that have been set out. These rules and regulations are there for good reason as mining accidents have claimed lives. It is important to realize that one mistake or negligence could cause great tragedy or monetary loss. There are many positions available at the mine that includes operation of such heavy duty vehicles and machines. The rules are pretty strict though and they apply to everyone that is involved in the operation.  Click here to read more about mining accidents statistics. Here are a few precautions everyone should take to make sure working at the mine is safe and secure.

General health and safety precautions for mining vehicles

It is important to make sure your employees are well informed and that there is sufficient supervision in place. It is also necessary to make sure your employees are trained and ready to operate heavy duty vehicles and machinery. The necessary licensing is required and sufficient training is a must so that certification is displayed that the person is adequate to operate the vehicle. It would benefit you to make sure that equipment and vehicles are well maintained and that you purchase the best quality for the job. Take a look at service body Offroad trucks for sale Australia to purchase some of the best vehicles needed for daily operation. You can now conveniently purchase these vehicles online and make sure that you are always up to date with the best technology and quality. As the employer you need to make sure that all safety measures and procedures are in place and visible for anyone involved. Employers need to make sure that they take every precaution to protect workers from vehicle hazards.

A written traffic management program is required to prevent collisions and to avoid endangering of health and safety of workers. Supervisors on the other hand need to make sure workers use equipment while wearing protective gear that includes visible safety clothing. As a supervisor you need to advice workers about any existing or potential hazards that they might face. Click here to get tips on being an excellent supervisor.

Workers on the other hand have the responsibility to inform their supervisors of any dangers that they might have spotted. This should include any traffic-related hazards and contraventions. Workers should completely adhere to the rules and guidelines that have been set for Occupational Health and Safety for mining. It is the worker’s responsibility to wear all provided protective gear and equipment. It is also up to the worker to not use or operate equipment if they are not in the right mindset to do so. It makes perfect sense that a worker that isn’t quite sober or that is feeling ill shouldn’t be operating any heavy equipment. It is also a requirement that an engineer is available at all times to take care of any mechanical issues that might occur.