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Health Tips for Miners

Mining involves a lot of physical exertion, and in order to be able to do that, a miner needs to be in exceptionally good health. If you are facing any health issues, get yourself tested by True Health Diagnostics who will provide you with a clear diagnosis of your health situation. In addition to that, following the below listed tips can help improve your health.

Health Tips for Miners

  1. Eliminate “White Foods” from Your Diet. White flour, white sugar and other processed foods are lacking vitamins and minerals, as well as been stripped of their common fiber. Accordingly, they quickly drive up glucose levels, which adds to weight gain, diabetes and a large number of other medical issues. Maintain a strategic distance from breads and processed products made with white flour, sugar-loaded soft drinks and snacks. Rather, concentrate on eating fiber-rich natural products, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  2. Avoid Dangerous Trans Fats. While it’s essential to diminish your general fat admission, it’s considerably more imperative to watch the sorts of fat you eat. Southern style foods and anything made with hydrogenated oils (margarine, nutty spread, shortening, locally acquired baked goods and treats) contain trans fats that raise your danger of heart diseases. Eat healthy fats, for example, olive oil and the omega-3 oils found in salmon which help prevent heart diseases.
  3. Take a Potent Daily Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. In spite of the fact that there is not a viable replacement for a decent eating regimen, we are persuaded that for ideal nourishment, you have to take a high-power multivitamin and mineral supplement. Regardless of the possibility that you are eating right, it’s improbable that your nourishment contains every one of the supplements you require. Poor soil quality, stockpiling, preparing and cooking exhaust our nourishment of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Incorporate Weight Training in Your Exercise Routine. Oxygen consuming activity is extraordinary for cardiovascular health, yet it’s boundlessly mediocre compared to weight training in assaulting the “fat element.” Recent research has demonstrated that as meager as once-week after week resistance exercise can enhance muscle quality. Indeed, even the busiest or laziest among us can discover the time and vitality for that. Join a gym, consult a fitness coach or request that an accomplished companion give you the general tour.
  5. Keep up Your Optimal Weight. Current insights propose that half of us are losing the battle against weight gain, yet keeping up a sound weight is one of the best things you can accomplish for yourself. You’ll look better, can sleep food and decrease your danger of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other serious illnesses. We know this is simpler said than done, yet in the event that you simply take after the four stages above, you’ll be well on your way.
  6. Drink Alcohol Only in Moderation. You’ve most likely known about the “French Paradox,” and that drinking wine helps prevent heart diseases. Repeated researches have demonstrated that drinking moderate measures of liquor (different types) helps protect you against coronary illness, as well as brings down danger of death from all causes. Keep in mind that controlling the quantity of intake is vital. While one to two beverages a day are protective, too much of liquor utilization is obliterating to health. Also, for about, one drink is too much.

Relax and Improve Your Health after a Tough Day at the Mines with Essential Oils

Everyone has the occasional tough day but miners often have it a lot worse.  As a miner your life is frequently in danger due to the heavy machinery, toxic gasses and hazardous areas you frequently have to work in.  It is important to stay healthy and awake when you are working in dangerous areas.  You need to relax properly when you get home from a tough day on the job and staying healthy when you are constantly exposed to toxic elements can be tough.  Essential oils can help you achieve both tranquility and better health with hardly any effort from your side at all.

Relax and Improve Your Health after a Tough Day at the Mines with Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that are extracted from plants.  There are plenty of different aromas of essential oils and the different aromas have different effects on your mind, home and body.  Essential oils can be used in the manufacturing of fragranced products such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, candles and more or can be used as a fragrance and treatment for your home. Search for more here and find out more about essential oils and their functions and how different essential oils can improve your life.

Use a diffuser for your essential oils

A good essential oil diffuser is a must if you are going to use essential oils to promote relaxation and improve your general health.  There are plenty of different types of diffusers.  Some are more basic and only diffuse the aromas into the air while others can also humidify your home for a cleaner and healthier environment.

A healthier and better smelling home with essential oils

One of the best benefits of using essential oils is that your home will always smell terrific even if you are using the essential oils for health reasons.  Humidifiers are also terrific for eliminating bacteria from your home and have been proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

An essential oil for your every need

Different oils have different effects on your home and your health.  You can improve your general work performance or you can improve your home’s odor by simply diffusing the right type of oil. Here are the top oils for everyday use;

Essential oils that improve your health – If you are looking for a mosquito and bug repellant then lemongrass, citronella oil or eucalyptus oils are the best choices.  Peppermint and eucalyptus oil will detox the air for a fresher and cleaner environment to live in.

Essential oils for relaxation – Lavender oils are great for reducing anxiety and stress and frankincense oils are great for calming down.

Essential oils that wake you up – For waking up you should give fruity or fresh essential oils like peppermint, lemon or citrus oils a try.  These oils are great for putting the spring in your step and for helping you to feel healthier and more energized.

Essential oils for bad odors – Most essential oils will improve the general smell of your home but the top essential oils for homes are lemon, jasmine, cinnamon or peppermint oils.