There are a lot of miners who are proud of their jobs. They are also proud of the fact that they are able to do their jobs well. Their jobs are not easy. They have to spend a lot of time inside the mines and there are always risks that may come with their jobs. Yet, most mining companies make sure that their miners are well compensated for the things that they do.

Most miners will not be afraid to enter all types of mines as long as they have all the proper equipment but would it still be the same if people would try to enter some haunted mines in different parts of the world?

Reportedly Haunted Mines of the World

While some may think that there is no such thing as a haunted mine, there are some scary pictures that you will find online that will only prove that perhaps there are some ghosts of various people and even other creatures who are still searching for justice or would need the help of those who are still living. Would you dare visit some of the mines that will be placed on the list below?

  1. Nenthead Mines

This is type of mine wherein lead and silver are extracted. This is considered to be the largest mine complex that can be found in Britain. Probably because there are different reports about the paranormal happenings of the place, a lot of experts and even those who are just interested in the paranormal tried their hardest to enter the mines. Some have reported hearing and seeing things and figures that they cannot explain.

  1. Copper Queen Mine

This mine that is located in Arizona has experienced a lot of events that probably contributed to the different ghosts that are said to haunt the place. More than 100 people have been killed because of the mines. Some paranormal experts who have checked out the place have stated that some of the things that they experienced cannot be explained easily.

  1. Old Miners Cemetery

The mine here was last used in the 1920’s but this place is now considered to be a very small town now with less than 500 residents. While the whole town is said to be haunted, some people say that the most problematic area is the mine. There are some people who decide to go to this place just to experience paranormal events and they are not usually disappointed.

  1. Bodie State Historic Park

This is already a ghost town at present time. This is said to be a place before where a lot of sinning was done ever since people discovered some gold in their mines. People have spent a lot of their gold on doing things that they were not supposed to do. Some people were also murdered because of their wealth or their knowledge. A lot of deaths took place then which now contributes to the problems that people are experiencing at present time.

If you think that these are the only haunted mines in the world then you are mistaken. There are still more, a lot more that are just waiting to be discovered. Would you want to visit them soon?