In Arkansas, within the confines of a diamond mine, a 12 year old boy was fortunate enough to locate a $15,000 five-carat gemstone. And, if you are willing to take the time to travel to some of these gem and gold mining vacation spots, you might luck out too. North America is scattered with places that are welcoming to treasure hunters.

Of course, you might be more inclined to enjoy your vacation away from the mines by glamping in Canada. While there, you can enjoy the stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Plus, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to “rough it.” Glamping is a like having your tent site prepared for you prior to arrival. All the amenities of home, or at least most of them, are included. But, glamping will probably not lead to a major gem or gold discovery.

So, as a miner, you know full well that “there’s gold in them there hills.” And that’s why we have created a list of great places to do your own personal treasure hunting.

5 Great Places to Treasure Hunt on Vacation

Although you spend your days mining for treasures for other people, you might still have some intrinsic desire to find your own. And, what better time to go exploring for gold and gems than when you are on vacation? But, maybe you need some assistance knowing the best places to go. No problem, we have 5 great places to treasure hunt on vacation ready for you:

  1. Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine- Although Nevada is often best known for its casinos, there are other options for your time there. This mine is very rustic and has been the secret of success for several treasure hunters. Take your buckets and shovels to work through the heaps of rubble. It is only open between May and mid-September, so schedule your vacation time accordingly. Learn more about this mine.
  2. Alabama Gold Camp– Many people think that the gold rush only happened in the West. But, there are parts within the Southeast that are known for their precious metals too. You can rent a shack for your whole family and then explore the miles of creek with your sluice pans. In fact, you might find more than gold, things like Indian artifacts and fossils are also there.
  3. California State Gem Mine– There is a special dark room for people to check out their finds using ultraviolet lights. An Austrian tourist found a rare piece of benitoite that was shaped liked a star. Read more about this mine.
  4. Spectrum Sunstone Mine– Oregon’s state gem is sunstone. You find it within lava flows. And, since the southeast corner of Oregon has a good number of lava flows, this is a great place to find it. You can rent tipis or cabins, that’s kind of like glamping. It’s open between May and October.
  5. Morefield Gem Mine– Located in Virginia, this mine is only 45 minutes outside of Richmond. You won’t find more amazonite anywhere else in the country. Plus, people have also discovered mounds of garnet, amethyst, and topaz. There are actually more than 80 minerals within this very large geological formation. If you are into these kinds of gems, this is an excellent place for success. Learn more about this locale by clicking this.

Happy mining on your vacation away from the mines!