When it comes to good quality service, you need the best quality gear.  A stepladder is one of the easiest to use gear and is an absolute must for all gardeners and tree pruners.  The world is big on safety these days and for good reason. No one likes to see one of their employees suffer after an accident due to failing or unsafe equipment.  The lawsuits for such injuries can also be quite terrible for employers.  So when you choose a ladder for your company, make the best possible decision you can make by investing in the best possible gear.

Try tripod ladders for better reach

Tripod ladders are new and innovative because they make work a lot easier.  These ladders are mostly used for tree surgeons, topiary specialists, head gardeners and orchard owners but can also be incredibly handy for construction companies, mining firms and contractors because you can set your ladder up in less space.  With these sturdy tree pruning ladders you can reach the top of trees and hedges easily or ascend to new heights even if your floor space is limited when you have to climb onto a roof or tower.

Reach the Top with the Best Ladders

Different types of tripod ladders

Standard ladders – This ladder has a telescopic back leg that secures your ladder on uneven ground and is made of quality aluminum alloy.  It is lightweight and waterproof so you can fit it to a roof of a van easily and the ladders can withstand a weight of 100kg.

3 Leg Adjustable – This three legged adjustable ladder has a wide base that improves stability and is made of good quality aluminum alloy.  It can withstand up to 100kg and is lightweight for easy transportability.

Heavy duty ladders – Tools that are needed to work effectively can be heavy which is why you should invest in a heavy duty ladder that can withstand 150kg and is made of durable aluminum that is lightweight and waterproof.

Platform ladders – These ladders are perfect for people who are afraid of heights because they are incredibly stable and have a handrail to lean on or hold onto while you are working.

The top benefits of these tripod ladders

Lightweight – When you are constantly on the go and have to work in different areas all the time, you need to be flexible.  The Ladders are lightweight so you can carry them for long distances if your van simply cannot get close enough and they can fit on top or on the side railings of any van easily and be out of your way.

Durable – The tripod ladders are made of aluminum alloy which can withstand a lot of wear and tear and is completely rust proof and waterproof so you can use it for longer.

Flexible – With the tripod ladders you can easily secure your ladder on even the roughest of areas and get it set up in even the tiniest of spaces.

Safe – All tripod ladders are safe thanks to their secure setup but the platform ladders are even safer since you can use the handrail to secure yourself when you are working on tough trees or hedges.