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Fishing as A Hobby – Why It’s Good for You

We can all imagine what sitting in the mines all week can do to you. You would most likely feel tired and disoriented, and the best thing would be for you to take the weekend off and do something that pleases you and helps you to relax. Fishing is one such hobby that you can partake in, and that is the reason why we are now going to look at fishing as a hobby, and why it is good for you.

Savor the Outdoors

As a miner, you probably spend a lot of time in the mines, and one of the greatest ways for you to enjoy the outdoors is to go on a fishing trip as you unwind. The surroundings are usually quiet and serene, the perfect ingredients for relaxing as you bond with nature.

Reduce Stress

Despite the fact that the main aim of going out there to fish is to catch fish, there is also the fact that fishing eases away stress and anxiety. Bonding with nature and listening to the calm sounds of the waves, as well as the fresh air tend to calm down the nerves and the mind. Besides that, it also generates excitement.

Learning Patience

Fishing is something that requires a lot of patience, and especially if you’re after a particular breed, or after the bigger catches. That is a virtue that one can learn when they go fishing, and it could help in other aspects of their lives. Another virtue that is also acquired from fishing is focus, and especially while casting the line. This improves concentration and reduces stress in the process.

Bonding Time

In the mines, you probably have very little time for family and friends, and while fishing is still very enjoyable when you’re alone, you can do it with the people that you care around you. You can let them share in on the fun of fishing, and especially if it is trophy fishing.

Helping with Conservation

Catch and release fishing is something that is practiced by many anglers, and it is aimed at conserving the environment and preserving marine life. There are licenses and tax that you might have to acquire, and these funds usually go into conservation programs.

Cozumel Fly Fishing

In the event that you’re planning a fishing trip, you might want to consider Cozumel Fly Fishing for your ultimate fly fishing experience. Adolfo Vazquez and his team will take you on a fly fishing expedition on the Mayan Riviera, coming with more than 40 years of fishing experience. They provide you with fly or spin rods from Sage or Orvis. They have a fleet of three pangas, which after a 20-minute ride, will get you to the lagoons of Monte Cristo, Paso Belem and Rio de la Plata, where you can begin your fish hunt. The waters team with Bonefish all year round, and some of the other fish that you might catch include the Snook, baby Tarpon, and Permit.

No matter where you’re coming from, they will be there to meet you, since they provide full directions in the confirmation email. You have the option of choosing from 4, 6, or 8-hour Cozumel bonefishing trips with the most experienced guides. The trips begin any time between 6am and 1pm, and everything is included in the cost including the equipment, licenses, and even cold beers, if you’re up to them. Their costs are as below:

  • $350 USD for a 4-hour trip for two anglers, the third person will pay an extra $75 USD.
  • $375 USD for a 6-hour trip for two fishers, the third person will pay an extra $75 USD.
  • $395 USD for an 8-hour trip for two people, the third person will pay an extra $75 USD.
  • That includes all taxes and fees.

They give a full refund if there´s bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbor master shuts down the port, and when your Cruise gets re-routed off Cozumel for any reason.


Fishing is one of the best ways to spend your past time away from the mines, and there is no better way to enjoy it than with experienced fishermen in a lagoon full of fish, all year round.

Top Things to Do When You Take a Break from the Depths of the Mines

Mine work can be quite depressing.  When you work underground there isn’t much to look at and it’s quite scary down there.  The heavy machinery does a lot for reducing work load but the work is still often hard and involves a lot of elbow grease and heavy lifting.  Managers, other employees and safety reps are always on your case for every piece of work you do.  You need to take frequent breaks from all this stress, depressive situations and dangers.  Here are some great things to do that won’t cost you as much.

Top Things to Do When You Take a Break from the Depths of the Mines

Go paddling

Paddling is basically free if you head out to the right rivers, lakes or if you go to the sea.  With an inflatable SUP you can travel as far as you like and between as many paddling locations as you wish at ease because they take up little space in your vehicle.  Inflatable SUPs are perfect for an unplanned adventure or for traveling through a country because you can simply inflate and have a great deal of fun. There are a lot of different SUPs on the market and you can choose from just about any style and color imaginable.  The best inflatable SUP’s can be viewed on I SUPs.  The website is home to numerous reviews on all of the best SUPs on the market and can give you some great insight on the best types for your unique needs.

Go on a fishing trip

Fishing trips are some of the most affordable adventures out there.  You can also relax a lot while you enjoy your fishing trip as you wait for that big catch.  Fishing trips are easy to combine with other adventures such as paddling, swimming, cycling, cruising and much more.  You also get plenty of fresh air which is great for forgetting your work circumstances.

Give camping a try

Camping is one of the best activities for people who love nature.  You don’t have to take along a lot of camping gear to have a great time out and in the open.  All you need is a few essentials and a wide open space and you can already have a great time.  Camping is affordable and it is one of the easiest adventures if you are looking for something close by.

Enjoy hunting in the wild

Hunting is quite challenging which is perfect because there is nothing that keeps your mind occupied better than a good challenge and there is no better way to conquer depression than achieving your goals.  Hunting is exhilarating and the target practice, skill and exercise involved in mastering hunting is quite the adventure.

Visit family

Technology is making it super easy to contact family and loved ones but no piece of technology can ever replace that personal touch and a lot of misunderstandings can seep into your family when no one can see your expressions as you communicate.  A visit to cousins, nieces, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents will do worlds of goods for your relationships.