The mines can be terribly hot, dusty, greasy and messy.  Most miners will log off from work exhausted and beyond filthy when they had a tough day on the job.  And a lot of these dirty miners still have to go to grocery stores, pick up their kids from day care or run errands when their shifts are over.  There often isn’t time to take a shower before getting to these tasks and walking around in a dirty body can be a bit embarrassing.  If you are tired of appearing in public all greased up then you should consider these practical habit changes for a fresh look all day long.

Get an electric shaver

Electric shavers are terrific for grooming.  You can shave on the way to work because there is no need for water and you can use your shaver all over your body.  Shaving your arms and legs will help you combat bad odors and will help you wash away tough dirt a lot easier so you can be cleaner around work.  A good example of an excellent electric shaver is the Braun 790cc.  This fantastic shaver is small and leek which makes it a lot easier to maneuver and a lot easier to carry around.  The shaver is perfect for men with sensitive skin because it uses advanced technology to provide you with the smoothest shave with the least of friction.

Ways to Stay Fresh When Digging Around In the Hot Mines

Get a hair shaver

There is nothing worse than helmet hair after a hot day in the sun.  All mine workers are forced to wear safety gear like helmets and hard hats. With a shaved head or short cropped hair you can wash all the sweat and dust from your hair at work and be fresh and dry by the time you get into your vehicle to go home.

Keep a cleaning kit at work

A mini grooming kit at work or in your car can do wonders for your overall look.  You should keep some deodorant, wet wipes, water, a blanket, a comb and some lip balm in your grooming kit.  Just a few minutes in the bathroom or even in your vehicle’s side mirrors is all you need for a clean and refreshed look so you can step right out of the job and straight into the homes of friends without feeling self-conscious.

Stock up on some gum

Chewing gum is great for removing food from your teeth and will refresh your breath.  You will also feel much cooler while chewing gum since the minty flavor creates the sense of cold and the sugary taste is great for giving a boost of energy.

Keep a set of clean clothes

A clean set of clothes in a backpack can be a save or if you have a meeting after work or if you have to attend a party with friends.  You can take a set of clean clothes along each day so you never have to walk around in your hot, sweaty safety clothing.