While mining maybe a very important industry that contributes a lot of benefits to our society, it can also be very harmful to the environment. Improper mining and illegal mining can be very destructive to our natural resources, resulting to a frightening damage to our planet on a global scale. Because of this, a lot of mining companies have significantly improved their techniques to reduce environmental impact.

Mining regulations have also become stricter nowadays. While the standard legislation of mining efficiency still needs a lot of work, it has definitely come a long way. Green mining has become a popular and effective alternative for a lot of mining companies. This process requires a careful balance of the resources, investing in new equipment and changing old ways. This fresh take on mining can be a little costly and risky but many have proven that this fresh trend can be beneficial on a long term scale.

eco friendly mining

Here are some ways mining can be more environmentally friendly:

  1. Shut down of illegal mines.

Illegal mining typically does not adhere to rules and regulations, making their processes undisciplined and very harmful to the environment. Governments and proper authorities must strictly enforce efficient mining regulations and also discourage the use of equipments and systems that are destructive. Illegal activity and unregulated mines must be shut down and duly punished or fined. Additionally, standard mining regulations should be constantly improved to inevitably promote efficiency.

  1. Proper waste disposal.

A lot of mining companies have been irresponsible in reporting and dumping their mining waste disposal to try and hide their tracks. Proper waste disposal is very important in building a mining system that is responsible to the public. Waste from mining is not just hazardous to the environment; it can also be harmful to public health if not treated properly. Appropriate measures should be implemented to ensure safety and efficiency. When possible, invest in equipments and other technologies that help in turning waste into reusable material. Recycling waste, even small details, can be a big stride towards more efficient mining.

  1. Implement efficient practices.

These days, there are a variety of ways to implement efficient practices within the company. Make rules and regulations that incorporate small steps like recycling and proper waste disposal. Investing in renewable energy sources to use in the office is also one way to promote good practice. While this may be a big step for companies who are completely in the dark about sustainable and renewable energy, there are loads of renewable energy info available out there. Do some research to learn more about different ways to incorporate simple but small methods and practices to improve your company. An example of a simple solution that can have a great effect is replenishing the environment with the resources lost. Replenish soils, trees, grasses and clean excess waste around you. This practice, when done religiously, can rejuvenate and repair a damaged eco-system in the future.