It is a well-known fact that all professionals rotating around mining attract hands on persons. As such, they are not attracted to suits and another kind of formal clothes; they have a taste of clothes and way of life that does not tie them down.

Consequently, smart casuals could turn out to be the best options miners have. For instance, mining engineers need to appear presentable even as they carry out their normal life and making presentations to the high-level managers of their progress and budgets.

Thus, choosing to take a career in the field of mining especially titanium should not condemn you to a life of dirt and ragged clothing. Get yourself smart by choosing to dress casually; you will be spoilt for choice and how stylish and comfortable you could get with smart casuals. Thus, for that stunning look, have a look at the following four steps that guide you into making the right decision.

Life of a miner and smart casual

Step 1: Getting the facts right

While engineers and other persons who work in the mining field tend to be very busy and lack time for some small aspects of life, it is important to get down on some basics about dressing yourself.

  • A causal blazer is one of the number one items that come to mind whenever you think of smart casual mens outfit. If you are looking to attending some formal meetings, it is important to consider trying a blazer. Blazers have a unique way of refining your look, thus choosing wear one would be the right choice for any occasion or wearing them to work.
  • Shoes are an important item in the life of any miner; they primarily serve the purpose of protecting your feet in the event of any incident and could also act as an accessory. As a result, choose the best shoes that meet all your needs and most importantly, shoes that complement your dressing.
  • The third aspect to consider is the choice of shirts. Long gone are the days when T-shirts were the only casual choice. You could choose a nice shirt either short or long sleeve and still maintain a casual appearance. Additionally, get yourself a nice pair of chino trousers that match with your shirt, shoes, and blazer. Chinos will always have the right color and material to match for any occasion and still maintain a stunning look.

Step 2: Evaluating an occasion

Judging any event involves looking at the location and the attendees. The two factors give you the right answer to your smart casual ratio. For example dressing for a house party will differ from dressing for an office party, or dressing for work. Thus, it is always important to think of the crowd and the expected levels of professionalism.

Step 3: Dressing up or down depending on your items of clothing

Despite the temptation of wanting to appear unique and classy, do not get into the mistake of overdressing for any occasion. When it comes to this, always consider weather and the time any function will carry along into the night. Besides, avoid dressing in a way that presents you as the best man at your friend’s wedding.

On the other hand, avoid dressing in a way that leaves your body exposed to cold or in a way that leaves your flesh exposed unnecessarily. Hence, dress moderately for any occasion.

Step 4: Customizing your look

When you get down to the actual dressing, do not get limited to dressing in any pre-determined way. Get your personality into your dressing in a way that best showcases yourself. Dress in a way that lifts your confidence and makes you happy and comfortable. Always be the center of attention your choice of dressing, it would be bad to dress to impress other people. Customize your appearance in the best way you know how.