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A Long Day at the Mine? Here’s How to Clean House Quickly

Just because you had a long day at work, that doesn’t mean you don’t come home to a new set of responsibilities.  To make your cleaning routine as simple as possible, make sure you are working efficiently.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider these cleaning tips to help you cover the basics as quickly as possible while still getting great results.

Cleaning Surfaces

When speed is just as important as the result, you can’t go wrong with the variety of cleaning wipes that are available today.  These disposable products are made by a range of major brands.  Some are developed specifically for a part of the home, such as the kitchen or bath, while others are more universal.  Dusting wipes are also available for the surfaces you wouldn’t traditionally use a hard cleaner on, such as a wood table top.

These disposable wipes are great because they can clean and sanitize surfaces, trapping dust and dirt along the way.  Once you are done with one, you simply throw it away.  If your task isn’t complete, just pull out the next wipe and keep moving forward.  They are especially nice for messes that you want to throw away easily in order to avoid transferring germs to other locations.

A Long Day at the Mine?  Here’s How to Clean House Quickly

Floors and Area Rugs

Any time you are dealing with carpet, it is important to have the best vacuum cleaner you can afford.  A quality vacuum will outperform much of the competition.  This means it will take fewer passes in order to remove all of the dirt and debris, which will ultimately save you time.  If you can find a vacuum with easy to use attachments, you can also use it to clean furniture, blinds, and much more.  If you plan to use a vacuum for above ground cleaning, make sure to pay attention to the overall weight of the machine.

For you hard floors, a steam mop can do more than just clean.  Steam can be used to sanitize surfaces while also picking up dirt and debris.  In some cases, a steam mop can replace the standard approach of sweeping and then mopping, allowing both tasks to be completed at once.

If your steam mop cannot be used without sweeping first, avoid the need for a broom by selecting a vacuum with a hard surface setting.  This way, you can simply vacuum the floors after you handle the carpeted areas, and then move straight to the steam mop.

Glass and Mirrors

While certain disposable wipes can work on glass too, they may leave streaks.  If you find that to be an issue, all you need to handle the problem is some newspaper.  Crumple a piece of newspaper up and run it across your windows and mirrors for a streak free shine.  This is especially helpful if you already get a weekly or daily paper, as it will not cost you anything extra to achieve an ideal clean.  It is also an excellent option for cleaning windows in cars, as it can sometimes be difficult to work with other products in a small space.

Take a Break

Once you get through your daily tasks, make sure you stop and take some time to yourself.  You’ve had a long, hard day, and everyone needs to stop and recharge from time to time.

Speed up the amount you spend cleaning by following these great tips

When it comes to running your home or a business, one of the last things on your list of priorities will often be the cleaning of the space. However, it is something that has to be kept on top of before things get out of hand. Regularly being in a space that is full of dirt and dust will be detrimental to your health over the medium and long term.

Some people will take advantage of professional cleaning services that will take care of all of this work for you, such as the folks at Dubai cleaning services. Other people won’t have the budget or the desire to outsource this work and prefer to get it done themselves.

You want to get it done as quickly as possible while doing a good job. This is why you should listen to some of the tips that are provided by the best in the business. Those who get paid to clean know what methods and tricks are best used to ensure that the cleaning ifs effective and efficient at the same time. They won’t be cutting corners or wasting time, they get the place cleaned properly the first time around.

Check out these tips to improve your cleaning process.

Speed up the amount you spend cleaning by following these great tips

Make sure you schedule the cleaning

When it comes to getting a cleaning job done, the professionals will have the entire job, down to minutes all scheduled out. Nobody wants to work with a cleaning service that doesn’t know how long they are going to need to complete a job, as they will be in the way when you need to get stuff done. This is why you need to set aside some time every week in your calendar to dedicate to the cleaning of your space.

When you have a clean environment, it goes a long way towards having a clear head that allows you to focus on those activities that are most important to you. This won’t be achieved if you do little bits of cleaning now and then, you need to get it all completed in one go. If you schedule it and get it all done in one go, you will have the job completed in a personal best time.

Make sure you are dressed well

When it comes to cleaning, you need to follow the example shown by the professionals as they dress optimally for the occasion. They will be wearing clothing that is comfortable, washable and designed for this type of work. They will have kneepads and shoes that have great support to save there being excess pressure on your body.

They will wear goggles and gloves in order to protect themselves from any chemicals that may be used during the cleaning process. You need to set aside this uniform for getting this task completed each and every week. It will look smart and you can ensure that you don’t get any of your nice clothes dirty and dusty as you have no alternatives to wear when doing the cleaning work.