After a long day on the job, it can be challenging to find the energy to help your children with their sports.  Instead of getting home from the mine, and telling your kids that they will have to wait, pick an activity that is low stress on you while being beneficial to them.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some drills that can help them improve without leaving you totally exhausted in the end.

Baseball and Softball Drills

A great way to work with your kids after a day at the mine is a simple game of catch.  Being able to throw to their selected target, and catch a ball coming their way, is an important skill for any baseball or softball player.  In order to play catch, you don’t have to be overly active.  It does not require any running, and you may not have to throw very hard to provide valuable experience.  You can also practice fly balls by throwing balls in the air with a high arc, allowing your child to practice getting underneath the ball to complete the catch.

Simple batting drills can also be helpful, especially with kids still playing tee ball or those participating in a slow pitch game.  You can bring out a Demarini Vexxum, a ball or two, and get started with relative ease.  Aside from having to go after a ball here and there, you can remain mostly in the same place and still help them increase their skills.

Sports Drills that Parents Can Enjoy with Their Kids after a Day Mining

Soccer Drills

Simple passing drills can be completed in an area as small as the average backyard.  Even if you want to give your kid the opportunity to have a great workout, that doesn’t mean that you have to run all across the yard yourself.  Instead of kicking them call straight to them, pass it slightly away from them and have them pass it back straight to you.  This can give them the opportunity to become comfortable moving towards the ball, and then returning it to a specific point quickly using different kicking techniques.

If you have a way to mark a small goal, you can be a goalie for practice kicks.  By making the goal smaller, you will not have to move as far to mount a reasonable defense.  It may also help your child become more precise with their kicks since the space in which they can score is smaller than that of a regular goal.

Basketball Drills

A simple game that can help your child become more comfortable shooting at the hoop is HORSE.  Instead of running across the court, you take turns trying to make shots from different points around the court.  You can event setup trick shots, such as shooting with your back to the net, to add interest, or cover the basics, like free throws and three pointers.

Passing drills can also be helpful, as it allows your child to become more comfortable interacting with the ball.  You can adjust between a variety of distances, and cycle between different passes.  Like playing HORSE, passing drills do not require a lot of energy in order to provide useful practice.

Think Outside the Box

Many sports require a wide range of skills, and not all of them require a lot of physical activity from you in order to help your child improve their performance.  Consider timing them during runs or sprints, cheering them on as they go, or sit on the sideline and provide encouragement while they work on a solo skill.  Either way, you can make sure to spend some valuable time together helping them improve their skills for the sports they love.