Yes, we know this seems like an odd subject, but it needs to be addressed nonetheless. While there are a number of articles warning miners of the physical effects on their bodies, they seem to negate the fertility issue. The truth is, miners are frequently exposed to high temperatures and that has been shown to reduce sperm count. That means miners are seeing a reduction in fertility rates too.

No matter what your career choice, a large number of us look forward to the day we will have to decide on the best baby carrier. The idea of being responsible for another living being is intriguing. We are elated to invest our time researching which companies provide the safest and most comfortable ways to transport our wee ones to and fro. So, imagine the disappointment when a miner discovers his sperm count has been drastically reduced due to overexposure to extreme heat. What is he to do?

Fertility and Miners

Handling Reduced Sperm Counts

Semen generally includes 60 million sperm. That makes the potential for baby creation pretty high among healthy males. However, when a reduction in that count occurs, the ability to impregnate one’s wife is impacted as well. So how do you handle that news? What are the options?

Since you are probably not going to leave your career, you might need to consider these other factors that are increasing your potential for sperm count reduction. Look at this list and eliminate all that apply. You don’t want to add insult to injury. So, avoid these behaviors:

  • Hot baths– Recall that heat reduces your counts, so opt for cold showers.
  • Tight undies– Again, we’re talking about getting rid of excess heat. You’re already exposing your man parts to too-hot conditions in the mines. So, wear loose underwear while you’re down there. Read more.
  • Cell phones– Yep, they produce radiation which is taking out your potential sluggers. Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket.
  • Stress– We’re not sure how you can reduce that in the mining situation, but it is necessary. Maybe you can learn some stress reduction tips right here.
  • Alcohol- Although it seems like a manly thing to do, drinking actually decreases your testosterone levels. Testosterone is necessary for sperm production so limit your alcohol intake.
  • Smoking– Actually, there are an insane amount of reasons not to smoke. Specifically, you are working in a mine in which your chances for lung cancer are already heightened. On top of that, smoking can lead to impotence (look it up if you don’t know what that word means). Pot smoking isn’t advisable either as it contributes to infertility as well.
  • Soy- This was a big contender in the meat replacement markets. Unfortunately, its benefits are outweighed by its potential to affect count and quality of sperm. Learn more
  • Obesity– We understand that working in the mine can be a hard job. We totally get your desire to veg out in front of the TV. But, that can lead to obesity which in turn will deplete your sperm production abilities.
  • Laptops- The problem with these neat little technological advancements is their placement on your lap. They generate a lot of heat and we have already learned what heat can do to your daddy potential.

If becoming a dad is important to you, so should protecting your sperm count be important. Hopefully you will take these serious issues under consideration.