New Hope for Miners with Breathing Difficulties September 7, 2016 September 5, 2016 Titan Mining

Working the mines is a lot safer today than it used to be.  Before companies were able to be held responsible for the medical health of workers, miners suffered terribly when they were forced to work in unhealthy environments.  Mine workers mostly experienced breathing difficulties due to all the gasses, dust, coal and more that they breathed in while working underground.  While the mines are a lot safer these days there are still rare occasions where workers develop terrible breathing problems as a result of injury or the breathing of toxins.  If you or someone you know are experiencing problems in breathing or is suffering from CCHS and rely on a machine to help them breathe then you should definitely find out more about a breathing pacemaker.

New Hope for Miners with Breathing Difficulties

What is CCHS?

Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome is a commonly found condition where an individual struggles with respiratory insufficiency due to a malfunction in their lungs, diaphragm or phrenic nerve system.  People with CCHS usually rely on an external machine for oxygen which greatly affects their freedom and quality of life.

What is a breathing pacemaker?

Breathing pacemakers are the perfect solution for those with chronic breathing problems such as CCHS, quadriplegia, central sleep apnea, diaphragm paralysis and more. A breathing pacemaker is a device that is surgically implemented into your body and lungs.  The breathing pacemaker sends a series of pulses to your lungs and diaphragm which causes your lungs to start breathing and to maintain a normal breathing pattern.

Why a breathing pacemaker is a great solution

People who suffer from these conditions are usually incredibly restricted because they have to carry around a machine with them to provide them with oxygen and they can never overstrain their lungs or risk suffocation.  Because they are carrying around a machine with them all of the time they often have difficulty in being mobile and the machines are still a long way from restoring your breathing to normal.  The modern breathing pacemakers are implemented directly into your body.  The only thing that can be seen is a small external transmitter which can be hidden away underneath your clothes relatively easily.  Breathing pacemakers are a much better solution because those who suffer from breathing conditions can once again move around freely, they breathe much more naturally and the risk of getting your tubes and machine unplugged while you are moving around is basically zero since the external transmitter is small and flexible.

Where to get your breathing pacemaker?

Avery Biomedical is a unique company that specializes in breathing pacemakers.  They are helping lots of people with breathing difficulties enjoy freedom and a much higher quality of life though their unique devices.

If you are battling to breathe each and every day or if someone you know are in need of a bit of freedom from a ventilator then it is time to give the breathing pacemaker a try.  Miners who obtained breathing problems through their work can finally breathe easily again and enjoy the same lifestyle that they had before obtaining breathing problems.