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A diamond is a precious stone which is a pure form of carbon in colorless crystalline form. Diamond jewellery is one of the most popular jewellery in the world. It is an expensive jewellery that is appreciated for its style and beauty, and available in several forms and shapes. A fancy diamond bracelet, elegant pendants, graceful rings usually make excellent gifts.

Diamonds are forever. Finding a diamond these days is very easy. You can easily buy these at online stores or from any fancy jewelry shop even in grocery centers. It has embellished and charmed generations. These are mostly available among rich and famous people. It has become a mark of elegance, status and superiority with its brilliant appearance. Wearing this stone suggests emotional attachment of relationships, beauty and durability associated with romance.

Mining of Diamonds

Extraction of Diamonds:

While looking at these long lasting, shiny jewels, folks often wonder how these end up in front of them. They ask themselves, how diamonds are formed? A short answer to that; time and pressure made diamonds. Mining of diamond is not an easy process. This process involves a combination of hard work, art, science, and engineering.

Two basic types of minings are done to extract diamonds. Both the methods require a significant amount of labour work. They need massive plannings to track the location of diamonds. These two processes are:

  • Pipe Mining
  • Alluvial Mining

Pipe Mining:

Pipe mining is usually done in areas where diamond deposits are found deep down in soil due to natural volcanic processes. Before drilling process starts to take place, several processes are done to locate diamonds from the ground. It is usually hard to locate the exact placement of diamonds, so geologists first track the secondary trail diamonds to find the path of primary diamonds.

When the presence of diamonds is confirmed, then pipes are inserted into the grounds which extract a significant amount of soil. After this extraction of ore takes place. Once extraction is done, the diamond still needs an enormous amount of work to be done on it in to produce a crystalline shape. These rough diamonds are sorted out by the quality and several industrial scales. Then these are sold, polished, cut and then are converted into a final form to be used as ornaments.

Alluvial Mining:

The process of alluvial minings done in river beds or beaches where the diamonds have been washed out by rocks. It is the process of extracting secondary diamond deposits. Walls are built to hold back water and sand in the area where diamond deposits are large in quantity. Once the area where we don’t want water to enter is cleared, bulldozers are used to exploit the river beds to explore the deposits. The Sand is shifted to a screening facility which separates dust and diamonds. Originally it brings the mine to the worker.

The Significance Of Diamonds:        

Diamond jewellery is used all around the world. The stone is cut into fine shape and size. These stone are then inserted into other metals or are embellished on them to produce an attractive piece of art. Diamond jewellery owe their importance due to several important reasons. Diamond industry involves about 10 million people directly or indirectly with this business. Recently an event Crystal Ball gala took place which is the largest fund raiser for Helping Hand Home for Children.  The event was a success and the fundraiser aided kids as well as adults with developmental disabilities. In addition to that, it has esteemed “13 Magnetic Men,” community leaders for the past years. It involved many prominent figures like Terry McCarthy St. Pete, a real-estate advisor, Johnny Green, a promoter of music, Joseph H. Saunders, a lawyer and several more. Many women wore expensive ornaments with a hope of getting a direct diamond ring from any of the sponsors who donated at the event. Diamond has become this imperative for women.