Mining For the Gold in Your Relationships September 15, 2016 September 6, 2016 Titan Mining

Relationships can be as cavernously hollow or as intricately depthful as a miner’s tunnel. When we dig down deep into the earth in search of precious metals we understand that the areas around it have to be broken to produce the greatest value. Often people are the same way. The most precious and valuable people have frequently been the most shattered. Recognizing the gold in your relationships will help you appreciate your position in the mine.

Mining For the Gold in Your Relationships

There are a number of dating guides and suggestions available for you. In fact you can read some of the reviews by visiting this site: But we’d prefer to give you some real life examples of mining for the gold in your relationships. These will be steps and tips on recognizing the value of your spouse or current girlfriend/boyfriend. We are all valuable, more than the precious metals you are daily trying to retrieve, and as such we need to ensure that the people we love feel that way when they are with us.

Harold Kirkemo writes that, “…there are few thrills comparable to finding gold.” You can read his gold prospecting article here. But what’s most intriguing about his statement is that if we would learn to attach it to one another, there’d be nothing more thrilling than seeing our partner’s intrinsic value! Here are some ways to see and help your partner see his/her value:

Trust­- There are few things on this planet that make us feel more treasured and of great worth than being trusted by the people we hold dear. We have all been hurt, and been the instigators of hurt, so fully investing in someone can be quite trying. But choosing to trust another human being is hugely freeing and value-instilling. Let yourself be vulnerable and see the sparkle that occurs. Learn more about trust here.

Believe the Good- In the next step toward instilling and recognizing the precious entity that is your spouse (boyfriend/girlfriend), you will have to make a conscious effort to believe the good. Once we’ve been hurt, and we all have been, it is very simple to jump to conclusions and assumptions about another’s motives and meanings. However, if we choose to believe the good at all times we will save ourselves and our loved one from a lot of misunderstanding and accusation.

Listen- This is a big one. People like to talk far more than they like to listen. Finding someone who will listen to you is like finding a diamond in the rough! You can be that diamond for your significant other. Take the time to choose to be silent and listen. And, don’t just listen to respond, as we are so frequently guilty of doing, but listen to understand. Sometimes our partners just want to be heard. When we do that for them, their value in their own eyes increases exponentially, and that instigates the way they treat us. Get some tips for better listening when you click this.

Mining, in the literal sense is hard work. No one would negate that truth. It’s dirty and dangerous, sometimes deadly. Interestingly enough, human relationships are often attributed with the same adjectives. Certainly you’ve heard about people putting up figurative walls for protection. Well, sometimes, as people who love them, we have to break out the explosives of trust, belief, and silence to find the gold deep within them. Try it.

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