Frac Sand Mining Showing Strongest Growth July 20, 2014 July 20, 2014 Titan Mining

Frac sand mining can help ease a country’s dependency on natural oil and frac sand and gain a profit on the lower gas prices. In order to understand the frac sand mining growth and its intricacies, it is essential to understand the frac sand mining industry report. In earlier days frac sand mining industry was quite small and was on the verge of potential growth in particular full post for more details.

As it is region based, most of these jobs are concentrated in the Jackson county around Monroe county, Buffalo and Trempealeau. Many other places where frac sand is naturally available are also trying to take advantage these days.The business is more prospective in agricultural area, and places where dry, condensed as well as evaporated dairy product manufacturing can take prominence.

Economical growth

Many of these counties mentioned above are also experiencing huge buyouts of land from many companies with a thought of building sand mines in their counties. Hence, the salary paid to workers in these regions where many families together work in these frac sand mines are significantly higher as compared to the wages in the other regions. Some of the economic indicators shows regional concentration as compared to other regions. This clearly indicates that the region is much more conducive for sand mining as compared to the rest of the nation.

Statistical data

To give you clear statistics of the economical growth, below is the actual data

● 2001 location quotient is around 17.34
● 2011 location quotient is 77
● total change adds up to 9
● total percentage change is 13.3%
● 2011 average earnings per worker comes up to $136,363

Job prospects

Sand mining is booming across the nation and hence the job prospects is also increasing tremendously. Industrial sand mining has grown 24% from past 8 years. Besides this, the industry has spiked almost 40% from 2 years and slightly dipped to 8% in 2013. As per the 2014 predictions, it is anticipated that there might be a good recovery possible for all of these losses.

Hence, the jobs in US more than 4,500 last year is anticipated to reach up to 5,000 this physical year. Therefore, the average wages might hike up to $78,500 in sand mining industry. This industry has increased the job prospects from 0 to 117 jobs in just 3 years. Sand mining jobs are 275 times more concentrated in some regions as compared to the national average.


Export oriented

Certainly frac sand mining has an export potential since not every country or geographical area is capable of mining and selling these frac sand. You can buy frac sand here: This is a great business as it brings in fresh supply of money as compared to other circulating dollar business in the area. Sand mining is the 6th most popular industry in Ottawa Peru and Illinois. Places like big metro areas like Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, etc, are popular sand mining and exporters though there are tons of other industries which are big giants in the manufacturing and export field.