Diet and Fitness for Miners December 17, 2015 December 15, 2015 Titan Mining

The job of a miner is indeed a tough one, and requires a lot of muscle strength and hard work. While the job may itself put you into shape, it is important to maintain your fitness and strength other than working on-site. In addition to that, a healthy diet is also very important for miners as it adds to a good and healthy lifestyle, and helps them stay strong and persistent while they are working on-site doing their mining tasks.

Diet and Fitness for Miners

Today we bring forward some tips especially designed for miners to help them stay strong, fit and healthy. Keep reading to find out what we have in store for all of you hard working miners:

  1. Dealing with your sweet tooth

It is completely understandable to have sweet cravings, because we all have them from time to time, don’t we? The first thing you should resort to when you have a craving for something sweet is fruit. That is because artificial sugars are used in most desserts, and those can be harmful for your body.

  1. Find your fitness partner

You may look for a fitness partner, whether someone from your family or your working miner colleague, who is as focused and determined to get a fit body as you are. Pair with this friend and go for jogging, running and have healthy lunches together!

  1. Stock up on healthy foods

While there are stacks of good foods out there, some key ingredients make it much simpler to meet your weight reduction goals. When you visit the supermarket next time, make sure to place these main three food items in your truck: balsamic vinegar (it includes a pop of low-cal flavor to veggies and plates of mixed greens), in-shell nuts (their protein and fiber keep you satisfied), and without fat plain yogurt (a rich, soothing wellspring of protein). You might even save money with these and other fitness-related purchases.

  1. Post-Workout Routine

After finishing a gruesome workout, your muscles may feel achy and cramp-y. This is totally normal, especially if you’re a beginner. To relieve some of the pain, you can submerge your lower body in a cold bath ranging from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also opt for occasional massages to give yourself some rest and relaxation.

  1. Purchase good running shoes

You shouldn’t purchase kicks that hurt, primary concern! “Your shoes ought to feel great from the initial step,” says Andrew Kastor. So shop at night—your feet swell during the day and stop in the late evening, so you need to shop when they’re at their greatest. Likewise ensure the sneaks are somewhat—sufficiently ample with the goal that you can squirm your toes, however close to that. They ought to be comfortable throughout.

  1. Control your portions

Controlling your portions is very essential because over-eating can lead to obesity and you might end up feeling lethargic. Plan on cutting your servings in half and have meals often times throughout a day. Since you’re having more meals, it makes sense to make the servings small. Click here to learn how you can divide and enjoy smaller portions of your food.