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Three Technologies That Can Take Mining to the Next Level

Almost all industries can profit by inventive innovation. Presently, with the ascent of 3D printing, 3D scanning and increased accessibility to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), it’s the ideal opportunity for one of Australia’s biggest ventures to capitalize on these open doors.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the nation’s mining industry had an estimation of $124 billion toward the finish of 2014. With further plans for investigation and extension, the industry is flawlessly situated to bring imaginative practices into its day by day operations.

Three Technologies That Can Take Mining to the Next Level

Also, if you own a mining business and want to make things easier for yourself, opt for Total Plant Hire Perth WA who can service you by offering a huge range of hire options. In addition to that, they also offer vacuum trucks. Here are three awesome technologies that could discover a place in your mining business.

  1. 3D printing

There are couple of industries yet to receive the rewards of 3D printing innovation, with its part in prototyping and speedier plan forms at a small amount of the cost of conventional assembling alluring organizations all over the nation.

Accenture affirmed that 3D printing is probably going to have outstanding impact on the mining business, especially for organizations for which it’s essential for the industry’s supply chain. The firm trusts that 3D printing’s most noteworthy resource for the segment is in the capacity to decrease the expensive downtime that results from equipment or part failure.

The particular nature of the hardware that mining requests implies that substitutions or repairs are regularly either costly, hard to get hold of or both. The relatively speedy generation time related with 3D printing could make this procedure both less expensive and more effective.

Nonetheless, Accenture accepts there are difficulties to overcome before this can turn into a widespread solution, as organizations should make certain 3D printers are fit for making items that can coordinate to the security principles expected in mining circumstances.

  1. 3D scanning

Safety is one of the basic working conditions of any industry, and in mining particularly. In these cases, it’s basic that mining operators have a perfect idea of the nature of the environment in which they will work.

3D scanning takes the very process of surveying to a whole new level, making a virtual recreation of the spaces where laborers are investigating or get ready to mine. A report from The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy trusts the fundamental advantages of the innovation will be in wellbeing and security and accident inspection.

  1. UAV aerial surveying

UAV aerial surveying permits mining specialists to get a one of a kind perspective of the scene before a venture begins, making them a fundamental instrument in the inspection procedure. Another choice is to screen existing offices with UAVs, as the gadgets can be utilized to investigate areas that are hard to look at with something else.

There is no doubt in the fact that technological advances can be seen in each and every field and industry these days. The good thing about this is that it not only helps cut down costs, but also helps in enhancing the working conditions for the workers including efficiency of output, effectiveness and safety and security of the workers.

General health and safety precautions for mining vehicles

Mining can sometimes be a risky line of work and it is important that the employers and the staff members take precautions and pay attention to safety rules that have been set out. These rules and regulations are there for good reason as mining accidents have claimed lives. It is important to realize that one mistake or negligence could cause great tragedy or monetary loss. There are many positions available at the mine that includes operation of such heavy duty vehicles and machines. The rules are pretty strict though and they apply to everyone that is involved in the operation.  Click here to read more about mining accidents statistics. Here are a few precautions everyone should take to make sure working at the mine is safe and secure.

General health and safety precautions for mining vehicles

It is important to make sure your employees are well informed and that there is sufficient supervision in place. It is also necessary to make sure your employees are trained and ready to operate heavy duty vehicles and machinery. The necessary licensing is required and sufficient training is a must so that certification is displayed that the person is adequate to operate the vehicle. It would benefit you to make sure that equipment and vehicles are well maintained and that you purchase the best quality for the job. Take a look at service body Offroad trucks for sale Australia to purchase some of the best vehicles needed for daily operation. You can now conveniently purchase these vehicles online and make sure that you are always up to date with the best technology and quality. As the employer you need to make sure that all safety measures and procedures are in place and visible for anyone involved. Employers need to make sure that they take every precaution to protect workers from vehicle hazards.

A written traffic management program is required to prevent collisions and to avoid endangering of health and safety of workers. Supervisors on the other hand need to make sure workers use equipment while wearing protective gear that includes visible safety clothing. As a supervisor you need to advice workers about any existing or potential hazards that they might face. Click here to get tips on being an excellent supervisor.

Workers on the other hand have the responsibility to inform their supervisors of any dangers that they might have spotted. This should include any traffic-related hazards and contraventions. Workers should completely adhere to the rules and guidelines that have been set for Occupational Health and Safety for mining. It is the worker’s responsibility to wear all provided protective gear and equipment. It is also up to the worker to not use or operate equipment if they are not in the right mindset to do so. It makes perfect sense that a worker that isn’t quite sober or that is feeling ill shouldn’t be operating any heavy equipment. It is also a requirement that an engineer is available at all times to take care of any mechanical issues that might occur.

The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

While you may have arrived on this site to learn a little more about what is going on in the field of uranium mining, we would like to switch gears at this juncture. We want to bring to the forefront a new trend known as urban mining. Certainly this doesn’t involve the down and dirty career generally associated with those in the mining industry. However, it does incorporate the desire to seek out even the most miniscule particles of the element one is after.

Cell phones, and all you need to know about them, can probably be best explained at Yet, the value of these cell phones in the realm of urban mining will not be revealed until you continue reading this piece. So, if you need a new Apple, Samsung, or LG, feel free to visit Izengate, but if you want to know why people are mining your discarded phones, do not stray from your screen.

The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

What is Urban Mining?

Urban mining, by definition, is the scavenging and retrieving process utilized by people accessing old electronics, and other waste, as sources for valuable elements. In truth, there are several key minerals and other valuable oddities found in scrapping cell phones, computers, and pretty much anything with a circuit board.

Gold, silver, copper and iridium can be collected from these discarded bits of technology. And, because there is money to be made in precious metals, it is no wonder that urban mining has sprung up among the dumpsters and trash heaps.

Here are the statistics that might just blow your mind:

  • One ton of gold ore will yield 5 grams of usable gold once all the rubbish is discarded.
  • One ton of trashed cell phones will bring 150 grams, and possibly even more.
  • That same ton of cell phones has 220 lbs of copper and 6.6 lbs of silver.

When you think about the gold and silver trading markets, it is easy to see why you might want to start your own urban mining outfit. Read more about urban mining.

Japan’s Story

Japan is pretty limited in the natural resources category. Therefore, it makes sense for them to participate in urban mining as a means of providing for their billion dollar electronics industry. The tens of millions of cell phones and other tech gadgets discarded there, yearly, make for a great way to keep that industry in business.

Eco-Systems is a company in Japan that is eagerly seeking out that trash heap of electronics for the purpose of making money. One worker watches the machine he controls pour gold bars worth $90,000. This is all gold that has been “mined” from the gadgets and cell phones pitched into the trash heap. That makes the dump a literal “gold mine” and Eco-Systems is all about cashing in on that deal.

This company has been in business for the last 20 years, and its achievements are beyond astounding. Reports indicate that each month they produce 440-660 lbs of gold bars. They have honed their skills to near perfection with a 99.99 purity rating on the gold they produce. That’s roughly $6-$9 million dollars each month! Learn more.

If you have ever considered the desire to pan for gold (read more about that here) you might want to reevaluate that dream and switch it over to the new trend of urban mining.

What to Expect When You Live on a Mine Site

If you have just gotten the job to become a miner, you may not know in the beginning what to expect. You have to be prepared that you have to stay in a mining site for a certain period of time. At times, you only have to stay there for days but there are some projects that will require you to stay at a certain place for a month. There are also some mining companies that have mining homes ready for their own miners so that they will not live far away from their families.

Your reason for becoming a miner may vary. You may have liked it since you were young and you have always aspired to become a miner. Perhaps you like the fact that the job is so demanding and it will take up a huge percentage of your time. Another possible reason is that you love mining because the compensation is great. It may give you enough to ensure that your family will lead a comfortable life.

What to Expect When You Live on a Mine Site

The best thing about living in a mining site is that you can expect it to be as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. For instance, if you would like to do some workouts, you will be able to do certain workouts with ease because you will have enough space and privacy to do those especially if you live in a mining facility. There are some mining camps that have their own swimming pools and even their own gyms. It is all about finding the right workout you need. Perhaps you can check this review to find the right workout you are going to do.

There are some advantages that you can expect when you live in a mine site such as the following:

  • You do not have to cook your own meals – Miners are often tired because of the long hours that they spend doing different tasks. When you live in a mining facility, you do not have to worry about what you have to eat anymore as everything will be prepared. You can eat at the mess hall with other miners. It will give you a chance to bond with each other too.
  • There are cleaning services available – Whenever you have free time, you can spend it doing what you want with your family. No need to worry about cleaning your quarters as cleaners may come about 2 – 3 times a week to keep your place clean.
  • Low Cost of Living – Mining facilities are usually away from the city. This can be a disadvantage if you have your family living with you at the mining home especially if they like going to shopping malls and other commercial buildings but at the same time, there are a lot of other facilities that can help families enjoy.

You have to know though that there are some negatives to think about. For instance, this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. There are some who still find it hard to live with other families. It will depend on you if you would like your family to live with you or not.

Mental health tips for miners

Mining is an industry that runs almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Wages for miners are fantastic and the benefits are great but the hours can be quite exhausting. In some instances mine workers work away from home and operate in dangerous areas. Mental health issues could become present in the industry and it is up to you to break the mould and to live a happy and healthy life with your lucrative job. Your wellbeing comes first and you need to do anything you can to keep yourself calm and ready for anything.

In most instances there are tests conducted on a regular basis at mines for drugs and alcohol. It isn’t a good idea to use these damaging substances to find distance from the hard work and the stress. Instead of getting addicted to bad habits you should find healthy ways to get rid of underlying stress and bad thoughts. Mental health issues are often caused by chemical imbalances caused by drug usage or alcoholism. Too many workers tend to drink too much after a long day of work to find peace and get to sleep. Read more about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Mental health tips for miners

It is important to find the distinction between work and home which means you would have to be able to go home and switch off. There are many ways to do this. Don’t leave a stone unturned at work, literally speaking. Take care of any tasks that are outstanding so that you don’t feel like your work is half done. Take the time to do the things that you don’t get time for early in the morning so that you can leave immediately after work. If you have stressful days indulge in some healthy habits like yoga or exercising to feel healthy and clear your mind.

Go for obvious relaxation methods like watching TV. Get hold of Netflix Australia Apple TV so that you can watch a variety of programs wherever you are. Nothing is as relaxing as settling down and watching your favorite movie or TV series. Netflix has become revolutionary because you can watch anything you like at any time while using any device. It is fun and has programming for the whole family. Make time for your family when you are at home because this is another way to keep your mind and soul happy and healthy.

If you feel like everything is too much you can also get in touch with a professional therapist to talk about your worries and concerns. There is absolutely nothing wrong with therapy and you can do it confidentially. The biggest cause of mental problems is people that keep their worries to themselves. Keeping everything inside is damaging to you and it is just natural that we need to speak to someone. Lastly if you are overtired and worried consider taking some time off and going away for a while. Click here for some great breakaway ideas.

Top Reasons for Miners to Own an Axe

Your work on the mines is important to both you and society but there needs to be more to your life than just work.  Every miner should enjoy life to the fullest and take a break from the stress and tiring jobs that some mine employments entail.  And with the right tool you can get a good break from your job and enjoy odd tasks and adventures around your home or on holidays, road trips and camping trips.   One of the best tools that every miner can benefit to own is an Axe.  Axes have been used for centuries.  In fact, handmade rock axes were some of the very first tools created by man and no matter how much time passes, axes will always be useful tools.

Top Reasons for Miners to Own an Axe

Good reasons to own an axe

Just the sleek and fierce look of an axe alone is a good enough reason to own an axe but if just the look of an axe is not enough to convince you that you need an axe in your life then you should check out these reasons to own an axe.

Good for chopping firewood – Everyone can use some firewood from time to time.  Fire wood is great for barbecue sessions and for fueling your fireplace to heat your home in the winter.  With a good axe you can save a lot of money on firewood by chopping your very own wood.

Axing is a great workout – Swinging a big axe while chopping firewood is a terrific work out.  You build fantastic upper arm, shoulder and back muscles when you use an axe frequently and all you have to do to get this workout is do a bit of work.

Axes are great for camping Camping axes are great for clearing areas to set up your tent, they are great for chopping firewood and they are fantastic for keeping you safe and sound from creatures.  There is so much you can do with a good axe on your holidays.  Best Axes is a review website that you simply must check out if you are interested in buying an axe for your home.

Remove unwanted brushes – You can also use your axe for clearing a field or for clearing your back yard of some unwanted brushes.

Great for smashing things – If you are busy with a temper tantrum then there is no need to injure yourself.  An axe allows you to smash things while your hands and you remain in perfect condition.

You can use an axe for self-defense – Everyone is afraid of axes.  There are few things as scary as seeing someone swing a big axe your way and robbers or burglars will also see things that way.  You can use your axe as self-defense if you fall victim to a robbery.

 Axes are good for garden work – Lots of garden work can be done with your axe.  You can use an axe to cut down trees, bushes or even building elements such as walls that you no longer need.

Start Investing In the Gold That You Work So Hard To Mine

Just because you work the mines to mine precious metals like gold does not mean you get much out of the deal.  Miners get a salary just like every other person.  They get up, work hard, come home and get a monthly salary that is hardly enough to cover the expense of living.  There is hardly ever money left for a bit of adventure, fun or for even a luxurious retirement.   But there is no need for miners to live their lives like this.   You too can start earning from the precious metals that you work so hard to mine.  Investing in precious metals like gold is one of the most lucrative investment types there are.

Start Investing In the Gold That You Work So Hard To Mine

Reasons to get into the gold business

There are plenty of good reasons to start investing in gold.  Gold is a sound investment that is very unlikely to decrease in value.  There is always a demand for gold and gold is becoming scarcer and scarcer which also contributes to the growing value of gold prices.   Gold investing is great way to save a bit of extra money for a rainy day or for when you retire from the mines.

Learn how to invest in gold

What The Rich Invest In is terrific website where you can learn everything you need to know about investing in gold.  You can find information on how to buy gold for investment, you can learn about the different types of gold to invest in, the best gold companies to invest in, find out everything you know about gold jewelry pawning, learn how to keep up with gold prices and much more.  The website also has a blog where you can enjoy frequent articles on all of the best gold investment tips and tricks to help you expand your general gold knowledge.

How long does it take for gold investments to soar

Gold investments are nothing like playing the stock market.  When you play the stock market you have to frequently keep an eye on the markets and sell whenever you see a drop in the market so you don’t end up losing money if the company you invest in drops too low.  Gold will never drop too low in value.  The gold market does get high and low points but overall there is always a consistent growth in the value of gold.  When you invest in gold you have to be patient because gold’s value rises slowly but consistently.

How to cash in your gold investment

Cashing in your gold investment will depend on the type of investment you have.  For gold coins you can simply sell online.  Gold bullions and vaulted are mostly sold specifically to banks or directly to gold dealerships.  Investments in gold companies involve selling your shares.  It is important to know the value of your investment before selling and to always do your research on the investment before you start investing so you don’t end up investing in gold or gold coins that isn’t quite as popular.

How to Make Time Pass Faster

As a miner, there are days when you will be working and you will not realize how much time already passed. This is the reason why when you are lounging, you cannot help but notice each passing hour because you are not doing anything that can take your mind off from watching the clock.

You can be using the best portable vaporizer in order to relax you. Or you can also use this every after meals like what you used to do with cigarettes before but even if it makes you happy and even if it takes a few minutes of your time, you cannot help but admit that when you are not working, time passes by so slowly.

Waiting is not one of your favourite things to do. In fact, if you would ask people if they love waiting, most of them would reply that this is their least favourite thing to do. In this day and age wherein most of the things that people want can be achieved instantly, waiting is not considered to be cool anymore.

How to Make Time Pass Faster

The type of things that you are going to do in order to help pass time will depend on how long you are going to wait. If you are only going to wait for a short while, why not try reading a book? Admittedly, this can be hard if you are not a bookworm. You will only get bored as you go through from one page to another. If you do love to read, you will realize that time tends to go faster as you browse through the pages. You can become engrossed with what you are reading and before you realize it, time has passed you by. Other things you can do are the following:

  • Meet up with a friend
  • Go strolling outside or you may even go to a commercial place.
  • Watch television
  • Play games

Let us say however that you are going to pass a long period of time. What can you do about it? Here are the things that you can do:

  1. Make the most out of your time. You may be waiting for something or for someone but it does not mean that you are going to let your life revolve around waiting. You can plan the activities that you are going to do that may ultimately change your life for the better.
  2. Divide up your time. Instead of thinking of the time that you are going to pass as one long period of time, you can divide it depending on the goals that you want to achieve for each time frame.
  3. Stay cool. Of course, you cannot help but wait for that time to arrive. It may be the vacation you have always wanted or getting the item that you ordered but nothing good will come out of it if you are aggressive and impatient.

Do not forget to get some sleep too while waiting. As a miner, you go through a lot of work hazards every single day. You need your rest and you also need to catch up on sleep.

Effective stress handling methods when working at a mine

There are many stressful jobs and working at a mine is right up there especially if you work underground. It is a bit of a risky profession and you need to be on top of things at all times. This is exactly why it is important to find ways to relax when you get home after a long shift. In this article we will be looking at effective ways to relax after working hard.

Soak in the tub

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a long hot bath. This is an age old tradition that is known to melt problems away and give anyone a fresh approach when it comes to a long hard and stressful day at work. Aching muscles will feel better and you will be ready to go to bed and have a good night’s sleep.

Join the gym

Exercise is a great method of relaxing and will help you get rid of stress right away. It is scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins and allows you to feel happier and more motivated. This is something that is good for your body, mind and soul. Read more about the benefits of exercise.

Effective stress handling methods when working at a mine

Enjoy nature even if it is just your backyard

Take time out before supper to go for a walk. Enjoy the fresh air, relax and meditate. If you don’t feel like taking a walk you can also spend some time in your garden. Have a relaxing cup of tea and enjoy the outdoors before you settle down for the night.

Spin your stress away

Another great way to relax is to do a bit of online gambling. This is just a fun way to forget about your daily issues and unwind accordingly. Take a look at Bitcoin Casino for a fun and interactive gambling experience which will give you the time to experience gambling from the comfort of your own home without even getting out of your favorite pair of slippers.

Relax with music

Everyone has a different taste of music. Find what works for you and relax with your favorite smooth sounds. You don’t necessarily have to listen to meditation music to relax. You might enjoy a few upbeat tunes. Choose what makes you feel good and calm.

No tech evenings

Get rid of all your tech, mobile phone, tablet and computer and settle down to read a book or do something else that takes you off the grid for a while. This is quite a good one to relax and forget about the world.

Have an early night

Sleep is known to be therapy and you should make a point of it to get an early night at least three times a week so that you feel well-rested and ready for the following day. Turn your sleeping area into a sanctuary so that you aren’t distracted by anything and can just focus on the best quality sleep you can have. Click here for advice on getting better quality sleep.

Ways to Stay Fresh When Digging Around In the Hot Mines

The mines can be terribly hot, dusty, greasy and messy.  Most miners will log off from work exhausted and beyond filthy when they had a tough day on the job.  And a lot of these dirty miners still have to go to grocery stores, pick up their kids from day care or run errands when their shifts are over.  There often isn’t time to take a shower before getting to these tasks and walking around in a dirty body can be a bit embarrassing.  If you are tired of appearing in public all greased up then you should consider these practical habit changes for a fresh look all day long.

Get an electric shaver

Electric shavers are terrific for grooming.  You can shave on the way to work because there is no need for water and you can use your shaver all over your body.  Shaving your arms and legs will help you combat bad odors and will help you wash away tough dirt a lot easier so you can be cleaner around work.  A good example of an excellent electric shaver is the Braun 790cc.  This fantastic shaver is small and leek which makes it a lot easier to maneuver and a lot easier to carry around.  The shaver is perfect for men with sensitive skin because it uses advanced technology to provide you with the smoothest shave with the least of friction.

Ways to Stay Fresh When Digging Around In the Hot Mines

Get a hair shaver

There is nothing worse than helmet hair after a hot day in the sun.  All mine workers are forced to wear safety gear like helmets and hard hats. With a shaved head or short cropped hair you can wash all the sweat and dust from your hair at work and be fresh and dry by the time you get into your vehicle to go home.

Keep a cleaning kit at work

A mini grooming kit at work or in your car can do wonders for your overall look.  You should keep some deodorant, wet wipes, water, a blanket, a comb and some lip balm in your grooming kit.  Just a few minutes in the bathroom or even in your vehicle’s side mirrors is all you need for a clean and refreshed look so you can step right out of the job and straight into the homes of friends without feeling self-conscious.

Stock up on some gum

Chewing gum is great for removing food from your teeth and will refresh your breath.  You will also feel much cooler while chewing gum since the minty flavor creates the sense of cold and the sugary taste is great for giving a boost of energy.

Keep a set of clean clothes

A clean set of clothes in a backpack can be a save or if you have a meeting after work or if you have to attend a party with friends.  You can take a set of clean clothes along each day so you never have to walk around in your hot, sweaty safety clothing.