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Things you didn’t know about mining law

The mining industry is a very intricate industry where many laws or bylaws are applicable. There is thousands of legal action cases that are mining related annually. With protection of employees and everyone that is involved in the industry it sometimes happens that most people aren’t aware of their rights while working at a mine. It is important to be informed of any legal rights or what they are entitled to while working in this risky industry. Here are a few important legal items that you might not know about the mining industry. Click here to read more about the history of mining.

Things you didn’t know about mining law

The earliest mining legislation was set in place in 1981 where congress established that minimum ventilation requirements was important in underground coal mines and that children under the age of 12 were not allowed to work in the mining industry. Thankfully this law was brought in because it is quite a horror to imagine children working underground.  It was also stipulated that in 1907 362 miners were killed in a coal mine explosion along with the 3000 miners that died in the year of 1907 which gives room for the new laws that were implemented. During that time mining was rather primitive.

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In 1910 it is said that congress set up the Bureau of Mines in the department of Interior. Mining methods were finally examined and safer practices were noted as important and something to implement. Preventing accidents in the mines became priority. Unfortunately it was said that the authorities didn’t have the right processes in place to supervise mining operations and health standards. In 1952 the Federal Coal Mine safety act was established by congress which brought forth annual inspections and mandatory safety rules and regulations. Click here to read more about this act.

More stringent standards were set up in 1969 and the inspections became more frequent and formal. In 1977 the Federal Mine Safety and health act was merged with the department of labor which once again made the act a higher priority. This ruling was based on over 2100 coal mines and 12500 non-metal mines which really made a difference in the industry allowing employees the peace of mind with safer working conditions. Since 1996 there have been around 478 reported coal mining incidents where employees got injured where more than half of them occurred in Kentucky and West Virginia. 1000 lives have been lost in mining since 1996. With new regulations it is mostly human error that causes these incidents.

Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

One of the most popular and most sought after careers in mining is to become a mining engineer. Not only is it considered to be one of the most prestigious careers it has also paved the path for mining from the early goldfields to current high technology mining. This career allows you to lead the way in the minerals industry. New mining technologies are yours to discover and you will be the one that plans how minerals are going to be extracted from the earth. This line of work will put you at the forefront of mining and innovation.

Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

Some of the skills you will require to start a career as a mining engineer include the following:

You need to enjoy technical and engineering work, a passion for “how things work” is most definitely something you would need to be successful as a mining engineer. You also need to be willing to adhere to safety and security requirements for this job. You need to be able to identify and analyze problems and then also be able to solve them as they happen. So a good problem solver will go a long way. This all means that you need to be good at communication, verbally and written communication. You need to understand that you will be working with innovative and technical software to plan and prepare the layout of the mining development so you would need to be willing to learn. You might also have to be involved in staff decisions which mean leadership qualities are important. Click here to take a look at some great tips to increase your leadership abilities.

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Some of the duties that you would need to handle include the following:

You would regularly need to conduct investigations of mineral deposits and also evaluate work that has been done by various officials like geologists and other science personnel. You need to prepare plans for the mine that include tunnels and shafts as well as other infrastructure that is necessary for the mine to operate well and safe. You will constantly be consulting with various other parties in the mine regarding important decisions and operation of computers for calculations and preparation will also be a very responsible duty. Most of the time you will have to oversee the operations of the mine which makes you a very important person and which means you would need to be alert and involved at all times. Click here to read more about stress handling at work.

Birth Defects are Linked to Mining

We have certainly studied the medical consequences of working in the mine. And, while most of those issues remain wholly attached to the people who are actually doing the work, there are studies revealing more serious problems. In fact, there are definitive links between coal and uranium mining and birth defects. This is not a topic to take lightly.

Before we delve into the potential connection your involvement in the mines might have on your children’s health, we should address another potential issue. Even if your kids are born free from mining related birth defects, other things can go wrong. You might find yourself in need of a birth injury lawyer. This is a horrible situation, for sure, but doctors make mistakes. They can cause injuries and even disabilities during the birthing and delivery process. You need to be sure you have access to a lawyer who has your family’s best interest in mind. Don’t take your child’s health more lightly than you should. That means, considering how your career choice could contribute to future problems.

Birth Defects are Linked to Mining

Birth Defects Common in Chemical Exposures

Working in the mines means you are regularly exposed to gases and chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic and can be birth defect causing. In case you are still not getting the gravity of how serious this situation is, you might need to learn a little more about birth defects that are common in chemical exposures:

  • Congenital Deafness– This only occurs in 1 out of every 1000-2000 births. Yet, exposure to toxic chemicals can initiate this birth defect.
  • Club Foot- The affected foot, or feet, look like the ankle has rotated toward the inner leg. If there is not therapy or treatment, individuals with clubfoot will always walk in an awkward way, if they can walk at all.
  • Spina Bifida– The backbone and membranes that would normally close around the spinal cord, fail to do so, leaving parts exposed. There are a host of heinous consequences for those born with this defect. Visit this site for additional information.
  • Microcephaly- The baby is born with a head that is considerably smaller than it should be. This generally implies that the brain within is also small. So, people with this defect typically suffer from intellectual disabilities as well. Some do have normal intellects though.
  • Blindness- The loss of this valuable sense is certainly something one can learn to live with but why put your kids at risk?
  • Brain Defects– This is usually associated with decreased mental aptitude.
  • Oral Clefts– This defect includes cleft lip and cleft palate. Sometimes these are minor defects, but other times they are quite serious affecting the ability to eat, breathe, and speak.
  • Anencephaly- This means that a major part of the brain, skull, and scalp never appeared in the development process. This is a very noticeable birth defect with significant ramifications that lead to mental retardation and short life spans.

Maybe you are making a nice paycheck at your mining job, but if this list of birth defects doesn’t convince you to consider a different field, then perhaps you should rethink your desires to become a parent. Feel free to really investigate the truth revealed here. Read more about the effects of uranium mining on unborn children.  And if that’s not enough proof, learn all about the problems caused by coal mining.

How Miners Can Make Sure They Have the Right Saws for Home Improvement Projects

Miners understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, and that is as true for home improvement projects as their time spent at work. Many people unfamiliar with construction mistakenly think that one saw can go every task they may need, but that simply isn’t the case. Before you begin your next home improvement project, make sure you have the right saws available for the job ahead.

How Miners Can Make Sure They Have the Right Saws for Home Improvement Projects

Circular Saws

The best circular saw makes straight cuts with professional-quality results. The blades are specifically designed for wood, MDF, plywood, and other similar materials. This makes them handy when doing wood-based construction projects.

Circular saws can be used numerous ways. They can be directed freehand, used with a parallel guide fence, or mounted to create a table saw. The thickness of the blade dictates the thickness of the material that can be cut. Some circular saws even come with dust collection attachments to help limit the mess in your work area.

When using a circular saw, make sure the guard is working properly and always cut away from your body.


If you need to cut shapes and not just straight lines, then a jigsaw is an excellent choice. As the name suggests, the cutting capabilities allow you to cut a variety of paths, just like the edges of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

The blade is slim and somewhat flexible. It operates in a reciprocating manner, with cuts being created on each upstroke. The size of the blade dictates the thickness of the material that can be cut, and choosing models with adjustable soleplates allow you to cut beveled edges up to 45 degrees. Corded and cordless models are available, allowing you to choose the powering method that best meets your needs.

Reciprocating Saws

For heavier-duty jobs beyond the capabilities of a jigsaw, a reciprocating saw allows you to make rough cuts that require more power but also provides less accuracy. If you need to remove items like decking and fence posts, reciprocating saws can help speed the job along.

Unlike circular saws, reciprocating saws are also suitable for a wider range of materials. This includes wood, metals, and plastics. The saw features an oscillating motion, allowing cuts to be completed faster, but the end result will be less polished than some other options. That means a reciprocating saw should not be used for finish work or anything where a delicate touch or a high-level of accuracy is required.

Additionally, reciprocating saws are meant to be used with two hands. However, the design does make overhead and vertical cuts possible, making them a great selection for a project that begins with demolition of an existing structure.

General Safety

It is important to recognize that using any saw is potentially dangerous. Eye protections and ear protection should be worn at all times, and cuts would always be made away from the body. Make sure clothing isn’t too loose so that it will not get caught up in the mechanisms. Always use included guards per the manufacturer’s instructions, and review any operating procedures and tips prior to your first use of a new tool.

When not in use, or when changing blades, always disconnect the saw from any power source. Only use compatible saw blades and never attempt to cut anything the saw was not designed to handle. There are many other safety tips that should be reviewed, so check the information provided in the included documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Fertility and Miners

Yes, we know this seems like an odd subject, but it needs to be addressed nonetheless. While there are a number of articles warning miners of the physical effects on their bodies, they seem to negate the fertility issue. The truth is, miners are frequently exposed to high temperatures and that has been shown to reduce sperm count. That means miners are seeing a reduction in fertility rates too.

No matter what your career choice, a large number of us look forward to the day we will have to decide on the best baby carrier. The idea of being responsible for another living being is intriguing. We are elated to invest our time researching which companies provide the safest and most comfortable ways to transport our wee ones to and fro. So, imagine the disappointment when a miner discovers his sperm count has been drastically reduced due to overexposure to extreme heat. What is he to do?

Fertility and Miners

Handling Reduced Sperm Counts

Semen generally includes 60 million sperm. That makes the potential for baby creation pretty high among healthy males. However, when a reduction in that count occurs, the ability to impregnate one’s wife is impacted as well. So how do you handle that news? What are the options?

Since you are probably not going to leave your career, you might need to consider these other factors that are increasing your potential for sperm count reduction. Look at this list and eliminate all that apply. You don’t want to add insult to injury. So, avoid these behaviors:

  • Hot baths– Recall that heat reduces your counts, so opt for cold showers.
  • Tight undies– Again, we’re talking about getting rid of excess heat. You’re already exposing your man parts to too-hot conditions in the mines. So, wear loose underwear while you’re down there. Read more.
  • Cell phones– Yep, they produce radiation which is taking out your potential sluggers. Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket.
  • Stress– We’re not sure how you can reduce that in the mining situation, but it is necessary. Maybe you can learn some stress reduction tips right here.
  • Alcohol- Although it seems like a manly thing to do, drinking actually decreases your testosterone levels. Testosterone is necessary for sperm production so limit your alcohol intake.
  • Smoking– Actually, there are an insane amount of reasons not to smoke. Specifically, you are working in a mine in which your chances for lung cancer are already heightened. On top of that, smoking can lead to impotence (look it up if you don’t know what that word means). Pot smoking isn’t advisable either as it contributes to infertility as well.
  • Soy- This was a big contender in the meat replacement markets. Unfortunately, its benefits are outweighed by its potential to affect count and quality of sperm. Learn more
  • Obesity– We understand that working in the mine can be a hard job. We totally get your desire to veg out in front of the TV. But, that can lead to obesity which in turn will deplete your sperm production abilities.
  • Laptops- The problem with these neat little technological advancements is their placement on your lap. They generate a lot of heat and we have already learned what heat can do to your daddy potential.

If becoming a dad is important to you, so should protecting your sperm count be important. Hopefully you will take these serious issues under consideration.

Start a Record Collection for Better Relaxation When Coming Home

A lot of people find it terribly hard to unwind from a tough day on the mines.  The day’s events simply won’t stop circulating through your mind and things your colleagues say to you or work stress can keep you awake until the early hours of the morning.  It is important for mine workers to relax and let go when they get home.  If you get too emotionally exhausted you can end up making terrible mistakes on the job and your physical health will start to suffer if you cannot get enough rest.  Record collecting might just be the hobby you need to help you let go of stress, worries and pain.

Start a Record Collection for Better Relaxation When Coming Home

Why record collecting?

Any hobby done right can be fulfilling.  There are lots of hobbies that you can try like stamp collecting, painting, baking, model ship building, rock collecting and more but all of these hobbies are often incredibly labor intensive.  And more work is the last thing you need.  With record collecting as a hobby you can simply come home from work, pop a vintage record into the player and enjoy luxury vinyl music that will calm your senses so you can relax, sleep better and be happier.

Start collecting records

Records are not made any more but there are surprisingly many records still for sale at record stores, antique stores and especially online.  You can start your collection right now by simply seeking some of your favorite childhood artists online.  The vintage records were quite tough so you should be able to find a lot of records in terrific condition quite easily.

Get a record player

The modern record players or phonographs are truly something to behold.  Some models and especially antique are more traditional and can only play traditional records.  But some of the more modern phonographs and records enable you to play any source of music you like since they contain USB ports for streaming music from a modern device like your phone or laptop, you can play vintage records, they are fashioned with CD slots and they even enable you to play music tapes.  Some of them are even fashioned with a radio and all the sounds that erupt through these devices are gloriously vinyl.

Get a record player stand

If you have a fancy record player or phonograph then you shouldn’t hide it away.  You should place your record player on a record stand where everyone can see your glorious investment.  Your records can also be displayed fashionably on a wall or, if you have a very large collection, in some boxed shelves next to your record player.  With a record collection you always have something terrific to listen to and all of your guests would love to explore and listen to your interesting collection.  You are also preserving a bit of history through your collection because the records won’t just be destroyed.  They will be kept safe and sound where you and your family can enjoy them for a long time to come.

How Miners Can Increase Their Twitter Likes

Social media has taken the world by storm, and miners have not been excluded from that trend. If Twitter is your platform of choice, and you want to expand your following, you may be wondering if there are any strategies that can help you increase your number of likes to help elevate your account. Luckily, there are a number of techniques that can help you improve your standing by getting more likes for each of your tweets.

To help get you started, here are some tips to try with your own account.

How Miners Can Increase Their Twitter Likes

Plan Your Angle

One way to gain more attention for your Twitter account is to be consistent with your content. You need to determine your voice and stay with it over the long-term. By creating cohesive content, you can capture the interest of a specific audience and have a better chance of maintaining it over time.

In contrast, tweeting random information that doesn’t relate well to the other tweets on your account may leave some followers confused or even irritated. It is better to focus on a particular subject area or message and allow things to grow with it.

Engage the Audience

Posting a tweet is like shouting into a crowded room. Someone may hear it, but they won’t join the conversation if they don’t think they’ll be heard. To keep Twitter followers interested, you need to engage with them on a regular basis. Get to know your audience by allowing them to be involved in what you are doing. If they ask a question, do your best to answer it. If they provide useful or supportive feedback, take a moment to thank them. Simply taking an interest in their point of view can work wonders.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to humor the internet trolls of the world. If someone is being unnecessarily rude or blatantly out of line, feel free to ignore (or block) their comments. Not everyone will find value in what you are doing, but that doesn’t mean you have to take abuse over any potential differences that may exist.

Invest in Your Account

Managing your Twitter account should be seen as an investment. It will take time and energy to keep it running, and you will need to participate regularly to keep followers interested. If you aren’t willing to keep track of your activity on most of the days of the week, then your results may not come as quickly. However, one easier way to get more likes associated with your account is to buy Twitter likes. The service often only require a nominal fee and the action can be completed in mere moments depending on the size of your purchase.

Don’t Expect Anything in Return

Just because you put content out there and regularly engage with other users, that doesn’t mean anyone owes you likes. Your focus should be on creating quality content and, if you are successful, the likes should follow. Spend your time figuring out what you have to give to the wider community, and aim to earn the trust of other members in your circles. If you keep providing high-value content, then everything else will develop naturally with time.

How To Choose A Smart TV LED 32 For Single Moms Who Work From Home

Any single mom who works from home knows how challenging such an arrangement can be. Although you have the flexibility to plan for work and domestic chores, you also need to make sure that you are comfortable. It can be difficult to balance between work and personal life if you are a woman that stays at home most of the time. You should invest in home appliances that make your life easier. For instance, finding a good TV LED 32 can be a good idea. When you are not working, you can catch your favorite TV show or watch a movie. This will revitalize you and give you fresh energy to work even more. Use the following tips to find the best television.

How To Choose A Smart TV LED 32 For Single Moms Who Work From Home

Check the display capabilities

One of the most important things on a television set is the display. You need to ensure that the images are of high quality. Factors such as color, contrast, and image clarity and critical. Knowing the angle from which you can best watch the TV will also give you better experiences. The display depends mainly on the screen. A look at some of those that can be found in the stores shows that while some have a nice display, others are not as good. As a buyer, you should not just pick a TV without powering it on to try a few video clips just to know about its display capabilities.

Find out other devices that can be used together with the TV

How would you like to view media on the TV? Are you interested in live TV programs or movies saved on other devices? If you want to use external storage devices to view videos and other media files, you have to ensure that they are compatible with your led TV. You do not want a situation where you are limited as to what you can view. For instance, there are TVs that support MDMI connections while others do not. There also are those that can connect to external devices through Bluetooth. At the end of the day, what you want is the perfect viewing experience.

Sound clarity

Although most stay-at-home single moms focus on image quality, the sound is equally important. You will not enjoy watching your new TV if the images are great but the sound is not audible enough. Check the speakers to ensure that they can produce clear audio. If you want to connect the TV to an external speaker system, find out is it works best with it. There are some poor quality sets that will distort the sound when connected to other speakers. There also are those that tend to lose audio quality when the sound volume is set high. If you are buying from a local store, test all these aspects before paying for that TV.

Inquire about durability

As a single mom who works from home, you should always find value in anything that you buy. For a TV, ensure that it can last long. A comparison of some of the brands that can be found in the stores shows that even though there are those with a long life span, others cannot last as long. It is because of the materials used to make them. If the manufacturer cannot meet the quality standards, you only will end up wasting your money. Nobody wants to keep repairing or buying a new TV every now and then when they can easily avoid it by purchasing high-quality durable sets.

Compare the prices

The prices of smart TVs vary based on a number of factors. If you take time to compare, you will notice that there is a big difference. The most important thing for someone who is keen on saving a few dollars is to find out where the best offers are. It can be easier if you are shopping online because you will have everything on place. The worst mistake that you can ever make is to just pick the first offer that comes your way. You may find out that you just paid too much when there is a lower offer elsewhere. Click to learn more about TV LED 32 and the options available in the stores.

A stay-at-home single mom deserves to have relaxing moments especially after hours of work. Regardless of the work that you are involved in, a good TV is a perfect way to unwind and relax your mind as you look forward to the next tasks. It also offers a perfect break from the monotony of home based work.

Chiropractic – The Alternative Pain Relief Method for Miners

Working the mines is a rewarding but tough job.  To be safe on the mines you have to be fit, you need a good strong body and you need to always be awake and alert because mine work and the heavy machinery and equipment are often incredibly dangerous. You can easily get injured and even the physical effort that some of the jobs entail can result in terrible body aches and pains.  If you are a mine worker who suffers from pains and aches each and every day then you should definitely consider chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractic – The Alternative Pain Relief Method for Miners

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine.  This form of medication was founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895 and has over the years proven to be quite successful for treating especially spinal, joint and soft tissues through a series of manual therapies.

Why Chiropractic is a better solution than medications for miners?

Pain medications are often not a possibility for mine workers because they mostly have side effects such as a lack of focus, they affect your judgment, make you drowsy and tired and they can affect your quick thinking capabilities all of which can lead to terrible accidents or even fatalities in dangerous working environments.  Chiropractic does not involve any medications.  It is a physical therapy that does not have any side effects and unlike pain medications, the Chiropractic’s does not just numb the pain, the therapy solves the problem.

One of the best Chiropractic specialists that you can trust

Dr. Morgan D.C. is one of the best Chiropractic specialists around.  He became interested in this form of healing after a lower back injury in middle school.   After recovering from his back injury in a matter of weeks, he became interested in the profession and started on his path to becoming proficient in this line of medicine.

Get these pains and aches fixed

You can get a great variety of pains, aches and injuries fixed with the help Chiropractic’s including some of the most common work injuries and aches such as;

Joint pains – These mostly result from heavy lifting on the job.  Your ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders might just be pain free after a bit of Chiropractic’s.

Sprains – Muscle sprains is some of the most common injuries on the mines and can be repaired a lot faster with this form of medicine.

Injury pains – Lots of injuries such as knee, hip or arm injuries can be healed.

Numbness and tingling – Numbness and tingling might be a sign of a nerve ending that is strained somewhere in the body.

Arthritis – There is no real cure for arthritis but Chiropractic’s can alleviate some of the pain of this common genetic disorder.

Headaches, tension and migraines – These aches are not just common to miners but to people all over the world.

Back pains – Back pains can result from injuries, sprains or even from lifting something the wrong way and can be healed a lot quicker through this hands on medication.

Neck pains – Neck pains can be caused by tension, stress or even injury.

Great Ideas to Transform Your Pool So You Can Cool Off From the Mines

Mine work is often hard and dirty work.  The mines can get incredibly hot and the heavy machinery you use in the mines are always boiling hot inside.  A pool is a fantastic addition to your home because you can come home after a hot and sweaty day and cool off.  But pools can get boring quickly.  Any home owner will tell you that their pool is only cool to enjoy for the first few months and then loses its appeal because it’s either too cold, cramped or out of fashion.  It is time to transform your pool so it will feel like you are stepping into a luxury oasis every time you come home from work.

Consult with a professional contract company for renovations

Ideas are always great but you need to consult with a professional about the possibilities of your pool.  Some ideas just aren’t practical or simply won’t work with your unique setup.  Houston custom pool builders will give you the best advice on how to transform your pool and they can do the transformations professionally.  They are completely open minded to new ideas and they are quick to complete their projects.

Great Ideas to Transform Your Pool So You Can Cool Off From the Mines

Top pool renovations you can do

There are so many fantastic ideas out there.  Just a little bit of effort can do a lot for your enjoyment.   Once your pool is transformed you will always swim more comfortably and have a lot more fun.  Here are the top pool transformation ideas;

Get some shade over your pool – If the sun is the reason you are uneager to swim then get some shading.  A good net roof for your pool is all you need and will enable you to swim at any hour of the day.

Warm your pool up – Freezing water is hard to get into, no matter how hot the day is.  You can look into some pool heating solutions so you will be more eager to enjoy your pool.

Add a Jacuzzi to your pool – Jacuzzis are always great fun and they are therapeutic to aching muscles and joints.  You can add a Jacuzzi on the side of your pool and have even more fun.

Add a trampoline to your pool – Children love trampolines.  By adding a trampoline next to your pool you can dive in and out and have a blast.  The trampolines are also great for working out while you have fun.

Get a drifting island for beverages – If you hate to get out of the pool every now and then for a new beverage then a drifting island is just what you need.  You can stock up on yummy treats and beverages and enjoy endless hours in your pool.

Add a fountain to your pool – A water feature like a rocky fountain will help you relax much better since the sound of falling water is so soothing.

Rock art for a pond like appearance – Transform your pool into a pond like feature so you can escape reality and improve the general look of your garden.