Best Metal Detector for Precious Metals July 20, 2014 July 20, 2014 Titan Mining
best metal detectors

Precious metals are not easily available and they need to be detected, digged or mined and processed in order to get the real precious metal. So, you would definitely need a metal detector for pursuing this task off course. When evaluating various metal detectors you will know lot of features of these metal detectors. However, it is very difficult and confusing to decide which metal detector would be good for your utility. For this, you must know and understand thoroughly all the intricacies and things related to the metal detectors. This article speaks more about what criteria is used to define the ‘best’ thing in the metal detector for detecting precious metals hidden in the earth.

Facts or issues to be considered

Time and money are the 2 important factors which are very essential to decide which is a good metal detector for detecting precious metals. In case you plan to use the metal detectors for a longer time, then you should be using the electronic version of it. As in any other product or equipment, the price of the metal detector is directly proportional to the features added to the equipment; which clearly means – the more the features, the more expensive the equipment will be. Not every one can use a sophisticated and expensive metal detector. You might even love the basic equipment, but in case you want more features, then you may have to compromise by paying higher price for the equipment.


In most of the cases, you will have to buy a lot of accessories along with the metal detector equipment. Some of these accessories might include a pair of headphones which have volume controls, coil cover, beach scoops, trowels, as well as a detector bag. As they can extend the signal sound, good speakers are preferred in this case. You can also make the detector’s battery last longer as well as keep them away from beeping due to malfunctioning. For a best metal detector best headphones like Depthmaster Audiophone II is preferred.go to for more details.

Best Metal detector

A best metal detector is intended to have a meter display and its targets will be found via the audio signal. Hence there will be lesser openings in the control box which doesn’t allow any leakages. Most of the equipment require manual balancing and ground tracking. If this basic thing is covered, then that would be a great feature to make.

best metal detectors

However, frequency is a very important feature to be considered in order to detect the precious metal ores. In case the mine is in extreme depth position, then using 2 box detectors is a good choice. If you are looking for veins of ore, or cache, or cables or pipes, then you should be using this type of metal detectors. Here are more links to guide you better.

To conclude, there is no one said best metal detector. Depending upon the need basis, there are different features of metal detectors which come handy. Hence, on need basis you should be able to make your own decision what kind of metal detectors you would want to use.