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As a miner, you’re probably too busy to spend time with your friends and family more often than not, let alone having time to look after yourself. Men in busy professions as such as mining, barely have time for themselves, but there is still an obligation to show up to work looking fresh and well-kept. Looking after your personal hygiene is one way of ensuring that, as well as looking after your facial hair. Unfortunately, though, miners barely have the time for that, which is why they need faster and more convenient methods to ensure the upkeep of their facial hair or to be properly clean shaven.

Beard Talk for Miners

Electric shavers

It’s obvious as to why we’re discussing electric shavers before anything else. If you want to properly maintain your beard, you can also opt for a beard trimmer that you can buy from

Electric shavers do their job a lot faster than normal razors do, but that was something that you already knew. One of the best things about electric shavers is the fact that one does not need to go over one spot more than once when shaving, this saves miners in a hurry a lot of time, as they can quickly trim their facial hair and hurry off to work. Another good thing about electric shavers is the fact that they’re portable. Yes, they may weigh more than a normal razor would, but wouldn’t you rather carry an electric shaver that can provide a much faster shave than a normal razor?

With normal razors come the need of having to spend money on a whole range of different products, such as shaving cream, gels, etc. You won’t need to spend money on any of those, as electric shavers can easily work without the need for any of those. Additionally, you won’t even need to use water. You no longer have to fuss over a careful, wet shave, as an electric shaver can give you a quick, dry shave.

Additionally, if you’re too exhausted after work to give yourself a thorough shave, hop in a warm shower and turn on your electric shave while you loosen up your muscles. Yes, there are shavers that work just perfectly fine in the shower as well, and the best part of it all, you won’t cut yourself accidentally.

Types of electric shavers

We have seen the many reasons as to why a miner should opt for an electric shaver, now let’s take a look at the types of shavers there are:

  • Foil: This is one style of shaver. Foil shavers contain thin and curved metal foil covering the cutting blade. You can easily move it back and forth and your stubble will get trimmed when it pokes through the foil. A foil shaver can have up to 3 foils.
  • Rotary: Rotary shavers, on the other hand, have round heads. It can have 3 or 4 of them. The stubble gets trimmed by the cutters that spin underneath the heads.

Electric shavers save time and money in the long run, so get yourself one. If you want to learn more, click