The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

While you may have arrived on this site to learn a little more about what is going on in the field of uranium mining, we would like to switch gears at this juncture. We want to bring to the forefront a new trend known as urban mining. Certainly this doesn’t involve the down and dirty career generally associated with those in the mining industry. However, it does incorporate the desire to seek out even the most miniscule particles of the element one is after.

Cell phones, and all you need to know about them, can probably be best explained at Yet, the value of these cell phones in the realm of urban mining will not be revealed until you continue reading this piece. So, if you need a new Apple, Samsung, or LG, feel free to visit Izengate, but if you want to know why people are mining your discarded phones, do not stray from your screen.

The New Trend Known as Urban Mining

What is Urban Mining?

Urban mining, by definition, is the scavenging and retrieving process utilized by people accessing old electronics, and other waste, as sources for valuable elements. In truth, there are several key minerals and other valuable oddities found in scrapping cell phones, computers, and pretty much anything with a circuit board.

Gold, silver, copper and iridium can be collected from these discarded bits of technology. And, because there is money to be made in precious metals, it is no wonder that urban mining has sprung up among the dumpsters and trash heaps.

Here are the statistics that might just blow your mind:

  • One ton of gold ore will yield 5 grams of usable gold once all the rubbish is discarded.
  • One ton of trashed cell phones will bring 150 grams, and possibly even more.
  • That same ton of cell phones has 220 lbs of copper and 6.6 lbs of silver.

When you think about the gold and silver trading markets, it is easy to see why you might want to start your own urban mining outfit. Read more about urban mining.

Japan’s Story

Japan is pretty limited in the natural resources category. Therefore, it makes sense for them to participate in urban mining as a means of providing for their billion dollar electronics industry. The tens of millions of cell phones and other tech gadgets discarded there, yearly, make for a great way to keep that industry in business.

Eco-Systems is a company in Japan that is eagerly seeking out that trash heap of electronics for the purpose of making money. One worker watches the machine he controls pour gold bars worth $90,000. This is all gold that has been “mined” from the gadgets and cell phones pitched into the trash heap. That makes the dump a literal “gold mine” and Eco-Systems is all about cashing in on that deal.

This company has been in business for the last 20 years, and its achievements are beyond astounding. Reports indicate that each month they produce 440-660 lbs of gold bars. They have honed their skills to near perfection with a 99.99 purity rating on the gold they produce. That’s roughly $6-$9 million dollars each month! Learn more.

If you have ever considered the desire to pan for gold (read more about that here) you might want to reevaluate that dream and switch it over to the new trend of urban mining.

Best Places to Travel To Buy Jewelry

There are a lot of things that women love but jewelry will always be one of the things that women cannot resist. There are different types of jewelry in this world. There are some that are more valuable than others but it cannot be denied that as much as possible, people would like to acquire as much jewelry as their wallets will allow. For some people, it is easy because they are earning a lot of money but there are some who would have to work harder just to get the type of jewelry that they want.

You may want to check out Rustic Pathways if you would like to learn more details on how you can get to different places. You may be in places wherein beaches can be easily accessible and there are also some places that may be far colder than where you are used to. What matters is that you would be able to get to these places fuss free. Check out what they can offer and you may like it.

Best Places to Travel To Buy Jewelry

Here are some of the countries that you can visit if you would like to buy jewelry:

  1. China – If you would like to see mass produced jewelry products then you can travel to China. It helps that they have a stable economy and they have always been known to produce huge amounts of gold. If you have always loved gold then this is the right country to visit.
  2. Dubai – When you go to Dubai, you may be surprised to see that there are some buildings there that are naturally lined with gold. At times, people there even own cars that are gold plated because they can. You can tell that there are different types of gold that you can purchase from some of the stores there. The tip is to find the right store that will give you the best value for your money.
  3. South Africa – Whenever Africa is mentioned, people who are not too well informed may sometimes associate it with poverty but this is not true at all. South Africa is known to be one of the countries that can produce the most number of gold that are being exported to different countries. Since the gold in this country are usually exported, you may want to travel to South Africa for different reasons other than gold.
  4. United States – It is not the world’s top importer for nothing. If you would like to get a bit of gold, you can buy from certain stores in the United States. Just take note that there are also some websites that will allow you to purchase gold that will be sent directly to you which may lessen your need to travel just to get the jewelry that you want.

It is important that no matter where you go, you ought to double check the jewelry that you are about to buy. Miners spend a lot of time just trying to get different pieces of minerals. You have to make sure that their efforts in searching for the best quality of minerals for different types of jewelry are not wasted.

What to Expect When You Live on a Mine Site

If you have just gotten the job to become a miner, you may not know in the beginning what to expect. You have to be prepared that you have to stay in a mining site for a certain period of time. At times, you only have to stay there for days but there are some projects that will require you to stay at a certain place for a month. There are also some mining companies that have mining homes ready for their own miners so that they will not live far away from their families.

Your reason for becoming a miner may vary. You may have liked it since you were young and you have always aspired to become a miner. Perhaps you like the fact that the job is so demanding and it will take up a huge percentage of your time. Another possible reason is that you love mining because the compensation is great. It may give you enough to ensure that your family will lead a comfortable life.

What to Expect When You Live on a Mine Site

The best thing about living in a mining site is that you can expect it to be as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. For instance, if you would like to do some workouts, you will be able to do certain workouts with ease because you will have enough space and privacy to do those especially if you live in a mining facility. There are some mining camps that have their own swimming pools and even their own gyms. It is all about finding the right workout you need. Perhaps you can check this review to find the right workout you are going to do.

There are some advantages that you can expect when you live in a mine site such as the following:

  • You do not have to cook your own meals – Miners are often tired because of the long hours that they spend doing different tasks. When you live in a mining facility, you do not have to worry about what you have to eat anymore as everything will be prepared. You can eat at the mess hall with other miners. It will give you a chance to bond with each other too.
  • There are cleaning services available – Whenever you have free time, you can spend it doing what you want with your family. No need to worry about cleaning your quarters as cleaners may come about 2 – 3 times a week to keep your place clean.
  • Low Cost of Living – Mining facilities are usually away from the city. This can be a disadvantage if you have your family living with you at the mining home especially if they like going to shopping malls and other commercial buildings but at the same time, there are a lot of other facilities that can help families enjoy.

You have to know though that there are some negatives to think about. For instance, this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. There are some who still find it hard to live with other families. It will depend on you if you would like your family to live with you or not.

Pulling Overtime at the Mine? Here’s How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up

If you’ve been working at the mine for a while, you likely know what it takes to keep you going through a normal workday. However, not every workday is going to be a normal one. Whether it is due to unexpected staffing shortages during cold and flu season or an irregularly high production requirement, sometimes you’ve got to pull more hours than your normal shift. And, even if you know a long shift is coming, that doesn’t always mean you have a lot of time to prepare.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to improve your energy levels, and keep them up, during those long days of overtime. To help you get started, here are some tips to fight off fatigue and to keep you focused after you cross into overtime territory.

Plan Your Sleep

If you know a long shift is coming up, or if you are adding an extra workday to your normal work week, set yourself up for success by making an effort to get enough sleep on the days leading up to your overtime shifts. In general, adults should get around seven to nine hours of sleep every night to function well the next day. While an occasional shortfall might not be problematic, it isn’t wise when you know overtime is coming.

Since you are going to need to maintain focus while you’re working those extra hours, plan your days ahead to include the sleep you’ll need to do your job well.

Pulling Overtime at the Mine? Here’s How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up

Watch Your Diet

Healthy eating and proper nutrition are critical to maintaining energy levels when you are pushing yourself to work beyond your normal hours. Give yourself the best nutritional building blocks by focusing on quality lean meats, like chicken and fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You want to ensure you get enough high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to sustain yourself throughout the entire day.

Additionally, avoid excessive amounts of sugars. While sugar may give you a quick boost in the moment, the subsequent crash can actually make it harder to finish out your day. If you find yourself needing a quick energy boost, consider fresh fruit instead of snacks with added sugars like candy bars.


Staying hydrated can be critical to maintaining energy, especially when you work long hours. Take the time to drink enough water, so you can avoid the symptoms of mild dehydration like fatigue and irritability, and to ensure you don’t become seriously dehydrated. Most men need around 11 cups of water a day, while women generally need 9 cups. However, those with an active lifestyle or who live in a hot climate may need more to compensate for fluid lost throughout the day.

Consider Adding Supplements

One way to make sure your body has what it needs to maintain energy is to take the right supplements. For example, if you feel that your diet has shortcomings, then you might want to consider a multivitamin to fill in any gaps. Or, if you know you are short on something specific, you can choose an option that only includes what you need.

If you are looking for better memory function, increased attention span, or even a faster metabolism, then you can check into nootropic stacks. You can get more information from sites like Nootropic Studio to help you find the best options for you based on your individual needs and goals.

Sometimes, all it takes is adding the right supplement to your normal routine, and you’ll find that working overtime isn’t necessarily a strain at all.

How to Be Healthy As A Miner

As a miner, you know that there are a lot of risks to your health. When you get trapped inside the chambers of the mountain that is being mined, the air quality will already be different. People need oxygen in order to make their different organs healthy. Without enough oxygen, it will be hard to breathe. When people are having hard time breathing, blood clots may form. You may think that you are only at risk when there are some problems that occur while you are working but the truth is that you are always at risk everyday.

There are a lot of compensations that you can get as a miner. In fact, you may have enough money in order to give the rest of your family a comfortable life. There are even some companies that provide housing to their employees. It will depend on you whether you would like your family to live in the mining community or you would rather let your family stay at a place that you consider to be healthier for their health.

How to Be Healthy As A Miner

Here are some of the dangers that can usually affect the health of miners every time they work:

  • Radon – This is a colourless gas that is usually available underground. If you an underground miner, it will be wise to know if this gas is present or not. People who are exposed to this for long periods of time may be at risk of acquiring lung cancer.
  • Mercury – This is the heavy metal that people may be more familiar with as being present in thermometers but actually mercury is also found in mines. The bad thing about mercury is that it can be absorbed by the skin. This means that you do not have to ingest it in order to become exposed to it.
  • Noise – There are some miners who develop some problems with their ears and hearing because they are exposed to loud noises all the time. The noise may stem from various drills or it may also be due to crushers and engines. Some even have issues with their speech afterwards because their hearing has already been affected.
  • Carrying Heavy Items – There are some miners who do not have the right items that will allow them to carry items with them. This means that they will carry some of the things that they have acquired at their backs. The heavy load may allow some miners to slip and fall which can result to injuries.

Being aware of these problems is already the first step in recognizing that your health is always at risk. The moment that you realize this, other things will be easier to do. For example, you may want to invest on the best kitchen knife brands because you need to prepare healthy foods that can somewhat counter the effects of mining on your body. Instead of eating processed foods that come with calories, too much sodium and other chemicals that are bad for the body, you will be preparing healthy food that admittedly, your body needs.

Things you didn’t know about mining law

The mining industry is a very intricate industry where many laws or bylaws are applicable. There is thousands of legal action cases that are mining related annually. With protection of employees and everyone that is involved in the industry it sometimes happens that most people aren’t aware of their rights while working at a mine. It is important to be informed of any legal rights or what they are entitled to while working in this risky industry. Here are a few important legal items that you might not know about the mining industry. Click here to read more about the history of mining.

Things you didn’t know about mining law

The earliest mining legislation was set in place in 1981 where congress established that minimum ventilation requirements was important in underground coal mines and that children under the age of 12 were not allowed to work in the mining industry. Thankfully this law was brought in because it is quite a horror to imagine children working underground.  It was also stipulated that in 1907 362 miners were killed in a coal mine explosion along with the 3000 miners that died in the year of 1907 which gives room for the new laws that were implemented. During that time mining was rather primitive.

It is fantastic to know that there are individuals that form a group that takes care of issues that affect people and their safety. Read more about Philadelphia 3.0 which represents a group of strong and likeminded individuals that are informed about the political goings on in Philadelphia. These guys get involved in issues that are crucial to the political side of Philly and make it their business to be interactive and engaged in the community.

In 1910 it is said that congress set up the Bureau of Mines in the department of Interior. Mining methods were finally examined and safer practices were noted as important and something to implement. Preventing accidents in the mines became priority. Unfortunately it was said that the authorities didn’t have the right processes in place to supervise mining operations and health standards. In 1952 the Federal Coal Mine safety act was established by congress which brought forth annual inspections and mandatory safety rules and regulations. Click here to read more about this act.

More stringent standards were set up in 1969 and the inspections became more frequent and formal. In 1977 the Federal Mine Safety and health act was merged with the department of labor which once again made the act a higher priority. This ruling was based on over 2100 coal mines and 12500 non-metal mines which really made a difference in the industry allowing employees the peace of mind with safer working conditions. Since 1996 there have been around 478 reported coal mining incidents where employees got injured where more than half of them occurred in Kentucky and West Virginia. 1000 lives have been lost in mining since 1996. With new regulations it is mostly human error that causes these incidents.

Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

One of the most popular and most sought after careers in mining is to become a mining engineer. Not only is it considered to be one of the most prestigious careers it has also paved the path for mining from the early goldfields to current high technology mining. This career allows you to lead the way in the minerals industry. New mining technologies are yours to discover and you will be the one that plans how minerals are going to be extracted from the earth. This line of work will put you at the forefront of mining and innovation.

Prepare for your future as a mining engineer

Some of the skills you will require to start a career as a mining engineer include the following:

You need to enjoy technical and engineering work, a passion for “how things work” is most definitely something you would need to be successful as a mining engineer. You also need to be willing to adhere to safety and security requirements for this job. You need to be able to identify and analyze problems and then also be able to solve them as they happen. So a good problem solver will go a long way. This all means that you need to be good at communication, verbally and written communication. You need to understand that you will be working with innovative and technical software to plan and prepare the layout of the mining development so you would need to be willing to learn. You might also have to be involved in staff decisions which mean leadership qualities are important. Click here to take a look at some great tips to increase your leadership abilities.

You might also want to take a look at psychic source reviews to find a psychic with some of the most informative reviews that might help you find the career that is most suitable for you. You don’t have to be a believer to take advice from those that are willing to share it. Many people believe that psychics offer great advice and you don’t necessarily have to take everything to heart that they say but pay attention to the positive guidelines that they provide you with. With this website you will be able to get hold of some of the best psychics.

Some of the duties that you would need to handle include the following:

You would regularly need to conduct investigations of mineral deposits and also evaluate work that has been done by various officials like geologists and other science personnel. You need to prepare plans for the mine that include tunnels and shafts as well as other infrastructure that is necessary for the mine to operate well and safe. You will constantly be consulting with various other parties in the mine regarding important decisions and operation of computers for calculations and preparation will also be a very responsible duty. Most of the time you will have to oversee the operations of the mine which makes you a very important person and which means you would need to be alert and involved at all times. Click here to read more about stress handling at work.

What causes mining injuries?

It isn’t a secret that mining is a dangerous industry to work in and that you need to be on top of your game make it a lucrative and safe career. There are many benefits in working at a mine that include career growth and the opportunity to earn a great salary. You will also enjoy great employee benefits like housing and good insurance plans. There are however many accidents that have been recorded over the years where many miners have been seriously injured and some even died. It is important to keep to health and safety rules when working in a mine and unfortunately many accidents are caused by negligence. It is noted that employees are more likely to get hurt at work in the mining industry than any other industry in the world. The severity of injuries can often be rather immense so it is important to know what the main causes of mining injuries are in order to be prepared. Click here to take a look at some of the most general health and safety rules in the mines.

Miner after a hard day at work

There are often accidents that cause poisonous or explosive gases to be released and this can be due to poor equipment maintenance. Many accidents have been reported caused by Methane explosions. This is a serious threat to miners that are employed in coal mines. This is exactly why it is very important to make sure that you are properly trained up for any position in the mine because you don’t want to cause an accident that might take lives. Explosives in any situation are dangerous to work with and sometimes unpredictable which is why mines invest in the best people to handle explosives. There have been many cave-in incidents and flooding that have also been reported.

When reporting for work at the mine you need to be well-rested and your health needs to be in order. If you suffer from back pain it is perhaps in your best interest to consult Dr. Dreher for treatment. This is a chiropractor that offers you a great rate for your first consultation and a professional that will be able to give you relief and peace of mind that you will be able to do your job properly. The same goes for any medical condition that you suffer from that might influence your performance at work. You need to be sharp as a tack to make sure that there are no malfunctions and that no one loses a limb.

The most important thing to remember when working in a mine is that you need to abide by the rules that have been set and that you have to stay in safe areas as well as wear the safety gear that has been provided to you by your employer. Thousands of people die annually because of illegal mining and this is caused by the lacking of safety rules and measurements. Working in the mine is by no means a bad career. It is merely a job where you need to be responsible and reliable every day. Read more about stress handling at work to keep calm and collected every day which also helps.

Mental health tips for miners

Mining is an industry that runs almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Wages for miners are fantastic and the benefits are great but the hours can be quite exhausting. In some instances mine workers work away from home and operate in dangerous areas. Mental health issues could become present in the industry and it is up to you to break the mould and to live a happy and healthy life with your lucrative job. Your wellbeing comes first and you need to do anything you can to keep yourself calm and ready for anything.

In most instances there are tests conducted on a regular basis at mines for drugs and alcohol. It isn’t a good idea to use these damaging substances to find distance from the hard work and the stress. Instead of getting addicted to bad habits you should find healthy ways to get rid of underlying stress and bad thoughts. Mental health issues are often caused by chemical imbalances caused by drug usage or alcoholism. Too many workers tend to drink too much after a long day of work to find peace and get to sleep. Read more about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Mental health tips for miners

It is important to find the distinction between work and home which means you would have to be able to go home and switch off. There are many ways to do this. Don’t leave a stone unturned at work, literally speaking. Take care of any tasks that are outstanding so that you don’t feel like your work is half done. Take the time to do the things that you don’t get time for early in the morning so that you can leave immediately after work. If you have stressful days indulge in some healthy habits like yoga or exercising to feel healthy and clear your mind.

Go for obvious relaxation methods like watching TV. Get hold of Netflix Australia Apple TV so that you can watch a variety of programs wherever you are. Nothing is as relaxing as settling down and watching your favorite movie or TV series. Netflix has become revolutionary because you can watch anything you like at any time while using any device. It is fun and has programming for the whole family. Make time for your family when you are at home because this is another way to keep your mind and soul happy and healthy.

If you feel like everything is too much you can also get in touch with a professional therapist to talk about your worries and concerns. There is absolutely nothing wrong with therapy and you can do it confidentially. The biggest cause of mental problems is people that keep their worries to themselves. Keeping everything inside is damaging to you and it is just natural that we need to speak to someone. Lastly if you are overtired and worried consider taking some time off and going away for a while. Click here for some great breakaway ideas.

Birth Defects are Linked to Mining

We have certainly studied the medical consequences of working in the mine. And, while most of those issues remain wholly attached to the people who are actually doing the work, there are studies revealing more serious problems. In fact, there are definitive links between coal and uranium mining and birth defects. This is not a topic to take lightly.

Before we delve into the potential connection your involvement in the mines might have on your children’s health, we should address another potential issue. Even if your kids are born free from mining related birth defects, other things can go wrong. You might find yourself in need of a birth injury lawyer. This is a horrible situation, for sure, but doctors make mistakes. They can cause injuries and even disabilities during the birthing and delivery process. You need to be sure you have access to a lawyer who has your family’s best interest in mind. Don’t take your child’s health more lightly than you should. That means, considering how your career choice could contribute to future problems.

Birth Defects are Linked to Mining

Birth Defects Common in Chemical Exposures

Working in the mines means you are regularly exposed to gases and chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic and can be birth defect causing. In case you are still not getting the gravity of how serious this situation is, you might need to learn a little more about birth defects that are common in chemical exposures:

  • Congenital Deafness– This only occurs in 1 out of every 1000-2000 births. Yet, exposure to toxic chemicals can initiate this birth defect.
  • Club Foot- The affected foot, or feet, look like the ankle has rotated toward the inner leg. If there is not therapy or treatment, individuals with clubfoot will always walk in an awkward way, if they can walk at all.
  • Spina Bifida– The backbone and membranes that would normally close around the spinal cord, fail to do so, leaving parts exposed. There are a host of heinous consequences for those born with this defect. Visit this site for additional information.
  • Microcephaly- The baby is born with a head that is considerably smaller than it should be. This generally implies that the brain within is also small. So, people with this defect typically suffer from intellectual disabilities as well. Some do have normal intellects though.
  • Blindness- The loss of this valuable sense is certainly something one can learn to live with but why put your kids at risk?
  • Brain Defects– This is usually associated with decreased mental aptitude.
  • Oral Clefts– This defect includes cleft lip and cleft palate. Sometimes these are minor defects, but other times they are quite serious affecting the ability to eat, breathe, and speak.
  • Anencephaly- This means that a major part of the brain, skull, and scalp never appeared in the development process. This is a very noticeable birth defect with significant ramifications that lead to mental retardation and short life spans.

Maybe you are making a nice paycheck at your mining job, but if this list of birth defects doesn’t convince you to consider a different field, then perhaps you should rethink your desires to become a parent. Feel free to really investigate the truth revealed here. Read more about the effects of uranium mining on unborn children.  And if that’s not enough proof, learn all about the problems caused by coal mining.